Have you ever noticed a change in someone’s behavior? Like they are a completely different person now than they were earlier!
What influenced them to change? Was the change good or bad?
But, why do people change after all?

These thoughts might have crossed your mind at some point in your lifetime. Whether it is a changed behavior of your fiancé, one of your family members, a friend, or even yourself, change is inevitable. As you grow older, and understand yourself and the people around you, you change along the way. Though for some people it may not be drastic. But, for others, even a single eye-opening incident can be a trigger for change. It just alters your way of thinking and consequently your attitude and behavior change. Although people change and they absolutely do, it is not a universal phenomenon. Some people might not bother to alter even the slightest uncomfortable traits of their personality.

So, let’s get into the reasons why people change. Why is change so important? Is change good or bad? And so many other questions that might have clogged your mind for a while.  

What causes people to change?

People change because either they chose to or they are forced to. They may also change due to a life-changing event. Or people change because they grow and evolve throughout their life. In addition to that boredom, inspiration or frustration might also lead to a change in someone’s behavior. So, let’s get straight into it without further ado.

1- Change is a choice

Is there any habit of yours that you are completely sick of? Tired of the unhealthy lifestyle and the junk you eat? Do you want to quit smoking? Or want to quit your 9-5 job and start a freelance business instead? Whatever, you change about yourself is your own choice. No one forced you to do so.

You contemplated your good and bad habits and decided to get rid of the bad ones like quitting smoking. While sticking with the good ones like adopting a healthy lifestyle. So, you are choosing the way your life moves ahead and that is the topmost important reason for what causes a change in a person.

An intentional change is more likely to last too if you seriously think it benefits you. For example, if you haven’t been a book reader throughout your life and you struggle with the words while communicating. Which in turn serves as a barrier to showcase your full potential at work. So, you might want to give a book reading a try at least. And even though you won’t enjoy it at first, after seeing the results and getting admiration from peers, you would continue it. Choosing change for the better is the common cause of why people change.

2- Change is evolutionary

Now, this is natural. You are evolving as you grow and that is completely natural. The 50-year-old version of you would be different than the 20-year-old you. Similarly, a 10-year-old kid would be different than a 30-year-old adult. You can’t equate them physically or mentally.

Life is a journey and there is so much that you learn along the way. You have good and bad experiences that leave a lasting impression on your mind. You meet a certain person that inspires you to change. Along with that, you get mature as you grow old and your mindset changes. Now, here comes the question how do you change a person’s mindset? Sure you can but unless they themselves are willing to transform or find something wrong with them that they need to alter, you won’t be successful. You can play a minor part in the process of a major, depending on the person that requires this change.

Mostly, a person’s growth will transform them along the way. It would be natural more often and that’s when they would realize how naïve they were a few years back. Well, we all think of ourselves that way, right?

3- Force also changes a person

I bet you knew this was coming. Well, force is a stimulator for a change though not a lasting one but, for the time being, it surely is. This is the reason why your mother threatened not to give you the cookies unless you finished your homework. This is why you had to study for hours to get an A grade as your father promised to buy a new mac book.

Now, here comes the question is it possible to change a person. Yes, it is only if they themselves wish to. Like you just force a person to do something, they wouldn’t at any cost. You need to show the results or the rewards to them first. Like if they do x they will get y. People also change due to boredom. In addition inspiration and frustration also plays a major role in it.

Only force won’t do its magic. It’s the inner motivation to change or the inspiring rewards of the change that compels people to change. So, remember this PRO tip, if you want to change a person show them the results and then see how the coin flips!

4- life-changing events inspire change

Call it life-changing events or eye-opening moments, but these are the ones that really shape your mind and your life. They may not always be intentional either. Let’s say you go to a seminar, whereafter it ends and while you are having a chit-chat with one of the participants, you see a girl. You smile at her, she smiles back. From there on your bond grows into friendship and transforms into marriage later. Now, 20 years down the line you are married and having 2 children with that girl.

Now, rewind it all. Did you go to the meeting with intention of meeting this girl? Did you have any thoughts about marrying her at the moment? No, it wasn’t intentional either. Life has this mysterious way of unfolding itself upon us. You won’t have any idea in the world, and you would be sitting next to your dream man on a random bus. You might think the person you are dating now is your soul mate, but 3 months down the line you and you would have probably broken up already.
The point here is that one life-changing event happens and boom your life just flips by 180 degrees. It may not necessarily be a person always. Even a book, a movie, a quote, a video, or an inspirational story of someone can change people.

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Why is change so important?

Although the concept of change is a bit too overwhelming for some people. For others, it is not that difficult to enact. Whether you talk about small changes in your daily routine or big changes in life goals, change is important and necessary. So, let’s see the benefits of change and why it is so important in life.

1- Change helps you grow internally

Have you ever wished to be like someone? Like a famous public speaker having the skills to articulate so effectively? Or a friend who just knows how to carry all sorts of things? And here you are, wishing and desiring how you could be even 1% of what they are. So, let me tell you one thing, you can change yourself not in a way to copy them but to be a better version of yourself.

You have to work on yourself. Internal change helps you transform into the person that you’ve always desired to be. For example, if you have anxiety while public speaking, you could take more time for practice and prepare yourself mentally. This will help you be calmer and composed during the event. If you lack certain skills you can work on them to be better able to present yourself. Your confidence in yourself and your skills will eventually show through in your work. A recent study published in the National library of medicine also suggests that people who are able to change their personality traits to align them with what they desire to experience an increase in well-being as well.

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2- External change helps people cope with any situation

So, what do you do when life throws lemons at you? You make a lemonade right? This is one of the benefits of change. It helps you cope with unlikely circumstances and come out of bad situations. External changes are not in control anyway. But, you look at it is absolutely in control. Changing your perspective of life can sometimes be the only change that you would require.

What can cause a sudden change in someone’s life? External changes like a job loss due to covid-19, or a loss of a loved one in an accident are the changes you have no control over. It can transform your life in the blink of an eye. But, you have to move on from it instead of dwelling on the losses. Life doesn’t end here. It is a journey and you should look at it like that. Surely, moving on is a steady and painful process but you’ll have to take that path at some point eventually.   

Thus, change is important because it helps you cope with unpleasant situations and transforms you into a completely different person.

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3- Change makes people relevant

Change is a powerful and empowering phenomenon. It enlightens you and makes you stay a part of the race. Whether it is the new innovations that occur every day or the new requirements of the emerging industry. You have to change yourself to stay relevant.
You have to embrace the change.

Be open to new challenges and take on new opportunities. By the end of the day, you’ll only be valued based on your skills and expertise not on the basis of your earnings or your property. Each change in your life is a door that opens new opportunities and new challenges as well. Although, you have the option to dismiss those chances as too risky. But, taking them can open new doors to success. Just imagine, that a single course you take on Coursera or Udemy can take your career to the next level.

So, today you have to decide whether you want to change yourself or you want to stick with the old you. The world is continuously evolving-new technologies, changing politics, new trends, etc. Thus, if you were thinking can I change my future? YES, you definitely can!

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Change is undeniable. It is going to happen to you, me, and everyone around. It is a part of your growth and essential for it. No matter, if you are being proactive about it. Or, you decide to sit back and let nature play its course, change will happen either way. So, why
people change? Because they either wish to or are forced to. It’s better you embrace the change and be ready for it beforehand. Because this kind of change will transform you as a person and let you showcase your full potential.

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