How do you know if someone cares about you genuinely? Is that something to wonder about? Well, it really is! Because in this digitally driven world where communication has become increasingly accessible for everyone, on one hand, it has concealed the real emotions and feelings on the other. Though you might be connected to someone virtually throughout the day, through DMs, calls, or social media it is hard to know whether they genuinely care or are just faking it.

Meeting new people always seems exciting but knowing if you really are in their circle is the real deal. After all, it is easier and wiser to care for someone who reciprocates the same care towards you, than being hurt for not valuing your effort. So, to clear the confusion, I am here to tell you about the 10 sure-fire ways that show if someone cares about you regardless of whether they put it in words.

10 sure-fire ways to know if someone cares about you

1- They want to know every single detail about your life

Whether it is your favorite color, your first crush back in school, or the destination holiday you are planning to make. Someone who cares about you will always want to know everything and anything about you. They would keep the conversation going even if they have nothing important to say. They would be eager to know the ins and outs of you and would want you to share your past with them.

Someone who cares will be interested to know your family background, the hometown you belong to, and the most cherished moments of your childhood. They would want to see your childhood pictures which might be a little embarrassing though, but that shows how much they care about you and your life. They will ask you questions about your journey. The person you were while growing up and your aspirations back then.

Talking about the present, they will always stay connected with you. Whether it’s through texts, calls, or sharing things that they feel you might find interesting. They will ask about your interests, likes, and dislikes just to be sure about your compatibility in the future.

Coming to the future aspect someone who genuinely cares will love to know about your goals and aspirations. As your dreams speak a lot about the kind of person you are. So, it will make them a clear idea of whether your future overlaps with them or not.

All in all, someone who cares about you would be genuinely interested in every phase of your life whether it’s past experiences, present likes, and dislikes, or future aspirations.

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2- They always want to talk

People who are really concerned about you will always keep a check on you. They will notice if they didn’t hear from you. They will make the first move to talk to you and that too regularly. Someone who cares wouldn’t be playing games like disappearing for days and then coming back all of a sudden just to see whether you noticed or not.

However, when someone cares about you they will text you often just to say a simple ‘hi’ or to see how you doing. The connection might be even more consistent through social media like sharing their favorite memes with you to brighten up your day. Although you might take that sort of attention for granted, it really shows that they were thinking about you.

Lastly, they will notice a slight change in your tone of voice or a random change in your text style. They would be concerned enough to ask if something is bothering them or not. So, there are no playing games but just some genuine interaction coupled with an eagerness to stay connected. Someone who really cares about you would want to know even the most mundane things about your life.

3- They will make you feel comfortable

So, how do you tell if someone really cares for you? If they make sure you are comfortable around them then they surely care for you. Comfort is the most obvious sign of all. If you are at ease at expressing yourself and do whatever makes you happy then you shouldn’t take that person for granted because they are making you comfortable in the first place.

Just give it a thought, why would someone give you their jacket when it’s getting cold? Wouldn’t they be feeling cold themselves? They would be but despite that, if someone goes to the extent of making you comfortable first rather than ensuring their own comfort they are truly a gem of a person.

It’s not that a person will do something extraordinary for you that would rather spill the beans or scare you most probably. But, they will take care of you in the most human ways. If you are a shy person they would make sure their eye contact doesn’t last long. While you might catch them occasionally staring at you but it wouldn’t be flirtatious at all. Rather it would be very subtle and genuine. According to One Love, You aren’t rushed or pressured by someone who cares about you Look for the subtle signs and the little efforts that someone makes to ensure your comfort. Not everyone possesses those skills or is rather indifferent to how you feel.

So, if you are comfortable around someone because of the efforts they make, then that is surely a sign of care in the purest of forms.

4- They listen to whatever you have to say

Trust me on this one, if a person wants to listen to everything that you have to say and that too with interest then you should never let go of that person. As humans, we are wired for communication. You want to share the things that matter to you with someone special. You want to communicate your problems, fears, and happiness alike.

Thus, if someone cares about you know that they will listen to everything that you have to say. Because, for them, you and your opinions matter. They will take your input in anything significant happening in their life. Even if it’s some random casual thing like what color should I wear tonight for the dinner? Or, how did your presentation go today? They will always want to know your input.

Although, there might be times when they won’t be listening well. However, that is completely normal. Sometimes there is so much happening in the back of your mind that despite wanting to be present at the moment you really can’t. Sometimes you are too excited to talk over or are preoccupied with work stress. But, you shouldn’t hold a grudge in your heart for that or dismiss their feelings of care altogether.   

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5- They will apologize

Now that seems obvious. Just think for a moment, what does an apology mean? And what if a person apologizes to you even when it’s not their fault? Are they obligated to do so? Or are they too dependent upon you that they can’t stand the thought of not talking to you for days? It’s none of that! An apology is just another way to say that you and your relationship matter more than them being right. A person who never valued you or your relationship with them will never give a damn about anything that hurt you. It only comes from a heart that truly cares.

Although to some people an apology may be a sign of weakness. For them apologizing first is like taking the whole blame for being the reason for conflict. If you have ever been in a toxic relationship you would be well aware of what I am talking about. Blaming the other person for whatever you did wrong is the first sign of interacting with a toxic person.

However, saying sorry demands courage and keeping your pride behind. It says a lot about the upbringing of a person and their self-awareness. Taking responsibility for whatever they did wrong is inspirational and not everyone is blessed with that kind of courage.

As Elizabeth Scott, writer at Very well mind, aptly says that an apology allows people to know that you are careful with your conduct towards people. So, if you come across a person who never shies away from saying sorry and taking responsibility, you should keep them in your life.

6- They stick with you through thick and thin

Humans are complicated. In fact, life is complicated. Sometimes it’s showering you with blessings and happiness. While other times you are just surrounded by problems and challenges. So, do you leave someone when life becomes unfortunate for them? No, that’s not how someone who cares will go about it.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Remember this phrase we use to quote in those essays back in school? Well, it has a lesson to it that needs to be kept in mind. Someone who cares about you will never leave you alone in hard times. A caring person will always stick with you through thick and thin. They will always be one phone call away during unfortunate times. And they will never let you down.

Sometimes days or even months might pass when you won’t hear from them, but they would be there with you in your hardest times. So, if you stumble upon someone who accompanies you through the rough patches in life know that they care for you.

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7- They copy you even if unconsciously

Just imagine you are going through your Instagram when suddenly you saw a comment made by someone you know in exactly the same format you use for texting. It kind of feels weird but good at the same time. For me, someone copying my style is the highest form of flattery. It can be unconsciously though.

However, it tells a lot about someone more than they let you know in words. Someone might not be expressive with their words but if their actions tell you that you are on their mind more often then it’s surely a sign of care. Because why would you follow someone unless you are inspired by them?

So, if you notice someone picking up a habit of yours then be sure that they care about you but are hesitant to let you know.

8- They will be happy when you are happy

When you truly care for someone you want them to be happy. And it can’t be forced. If a person wants you to stop doing anything that makes you feel happy know that they are toxic. You need to get them out of your life ASAP, no kidding!

Someone who cares about you wouldn’t stop you from doing anything that makes you feel happy. They wouldn’t feel the urge to change anything about you. They will care for you even when they don’t like what you like. But, they won’t force anything on you. Or, change you as a person. They act as your support system, wanting you to achieve your goals.

Someone who cares about you will be happy with your small accomplishments. They will cheer you up and celebrate whatever little you achieve even when you don’t want to. Whether it’s dying your hair purple for New Year’s Eve or having a girl’s day out on Saturday if that’s what makes you happy they would be in it with you.

9- Trust your instinct

Well to be honest deep down in your heart you already know it. You are just here for further validation. The human gut is very strong when it comes to judging someone’s feelings towards you. It can easily sense if a person is doing something for you out of care or just faking it for their own benefit. Trust your gut because it has already sensed the care behind someone’s actions.

So, keep this point in mind if you want to know if someone cares about you.

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It’s wiser to know if someone cares for you genuinely or is just faking it. Because it saves you from the pain of heartbreaks. You will not be wasting your energy on someone who doesn’t give a damn about it. So, keep these signs in mind the next time you think about how to know if someone cares about you. You wouldn’t have to be confused about someone’s feelings towards you anymore.

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