Earlier, the idea of vacation was one long holiday which was only an unattainable dream for many workers. Recent, research studies have shown that people who work at corporate jobs usually only use about 17 days of their 24-day paid leaves. This mindset of working non-stop is not good for one’s physical and mental health. To avoid complete burnout, taking a short vacation to recharge is a feasible solution.

After 2020, the trend of weekend getaways has seen a popular rise. A weekend getaway is going on a holiday for 2 to 3 days to a place which is ideally nearby to your place. It means no long flights and less elaborate planning. This cuts down the stress of planning and organizing a holiday majorly. Instead of planning one big 2-week leisure trip, it’s better to take 3 to 4 short trips throughout the year.

1. Helps Increase Mindfulness

The art of being mindful is thinning every day because people are constantly looking at the screen. At work they can’t take their eyes off of the computer screen and then for relaxation they turn to cell phones. Our surroundings change drastically when we take a vacation which forces our minds to be more present. This helps the brain stay more active and stimulated. A person with a well-stimulated brain is more productive than one who lives a monotonous life. The relaxation one gets through a short trip also translates into showing other positive emotions like compassion, positivity, and happiness. This attitude yields a much better result.

2. More Productivity In Less Time

People have confessed to only lazying around during long vacations. They often keep putting off plans thinking there are enough days left. Then most of the workers get called back to their offices in the middle of the vacation just because the work keeps on piling up. Weekend getaways allow you to get right into activities because there isn’t enough time to postpone your plans. If you are a daredevil who likes activities like bungee jumping or scuba diving then you’d be glad to know those can easily be done during such short trips.

3. Explore Underrated Places

Going to popular holiday destinations will always cost a lot more. The world is full of places that are equally beautiful but not as popular. The first thing you have to decide is if your trip will be international or domestic. Of course, the former will cost a lot more than the latter. Secondly, if you are adamant about going to a different country then it’s best to go somewhere pocket-friendly. Countries like Indonesia, Maldives, and Thailand are great to travel to if you don’t have the budget to go to Europe or USA.

4. Better Health

The Internet is full of research studies that show taking a break every once in a while is better for a person’s health. A case study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that women who didn’t travel much were more like to get a heart attack due to stress. Similar studies have highlighted that men who didn’t take vacations were higher on target to die from coronary heart disease.

The logic behind this is the constant mounting of stress which only leaves a person when they have failed a vital organ. A short trip ensures that the workload one would return to won’t be much. Many people put off their plans for vacation just because they are afraid of coming back to a big pile of work. Another thing that adds to that fear is being perceived as incompetent by the boss and getting fired. While these are the issues that can often ruin a long trip, for a short trip these things are easy to handle.

5. Stress Buster

It sounds like stating the obvious but nothing can make a person feel rejuvenated than a short trip. Stress is the root cause of many physical and mental health issues. The damage which is done by stress and anxiety can take a long time to be figured out. Most people would deny having these feelings but then their mood swings will get worse and they would feel tired all the time. Not just this their body will also try to give them warnings like hair falling out, skin issues, fluctuating BP, and digestion problems. Once these small things keep piling on they often end up turning into something monstrous.

Nothing is more important than a person’s well being which is why it is best for you to go somewhere which brings you peace. If you feel fun around water then go somewhere with a beach, if mountains bring you peace then that should be your destination.

6. Lightens Mood

It’s alarming how many people have started consuming anti-depressants just to cope with their daily life. The crisis of deteriorating mental health is something that every country is facing no matter how big or small. The hustle culture which once started as a good trend to create multiple revenue streams has now turned into something ugly.
People are now just working consistently without taking a break because they think everyone is doing the same. Everyone’s in a rat race to be better than everyone else. In all this competition, people are forgetting that they are humans, not machines. A better mood can only be achieved by doing something that would bring you long-lasting joy. Taking a trip means meeting new people and making new memories. These human experiences are irreplaceable and can only be experienced by getting out in the real world.

7. Less Heavy on Pocket

The biggest obstacle that comes in the way of going on a vacation is not having enough money. While this is a very valid issue, short-term trips do make it easy to some extent. There is a vast difference between going on a vacation for 12 to 13 days and one which is a maximum of 3 days. It cuts down on the cost greatly. Undoubtedly, the bill for the accommodation where you’ll stay will vary a lot. Also the number of activities you’ll plan and pay for would decrease. Another thing that you can try to save even more money is to avoid going on trips during peak tourist season. These are usually the times of summer and the end of the year.

8. Forget the Competiton

Human beings are champions in making everything a competition. We have even turned relaxation time into a race. Most people especially those with better-paying jobs go on long vacations just to brag in front of their colleagues. This mentality completely defeats the purpose of a vacation which is to enjoy your surroundings and spend quality time with your loved ones. It doesn’t matter where you went as long as you had a great time and came back to real life with a fresh mind. Don’t go on long trips just to impress some people, sometimes a fun-filled weekend getaway is all you need.

9. Increase Creativity

If you are a creative person then you already know that most 9 to 5 job rules don’t apply to you. A tired, exhausted person cannot bring any kind of creativity to the table. Also for creativity, one needs vivid imagination. Gaining real-life experiences helps with the whole process. Travelling makes anyone come across as an interesting person. The people who frequently go on trips have stories and experiences that others would pay to listen to.

Taking a short trip will allow you to quickly get a reset without adding to your worries of missing work. You can use that time to do things you actually like. If you want to paint or write something then you can easily get to that.

10. Give Yourself an Incentive

Multiple experiments have proved that human brains work better when they are conditioned with rewards. If you keep working month after month without any break then you are bound to get bored and cranky at one point. On the other hand, you’d be way more excited about work when you’d know that a vacation is just around the corner. It will also increase your efficiency in completing your work quickly before you take off. It’s highly important to keep yourself excited about life and all it has to offer. Living life is more than just working long hours and building a career.


The idea of a vacation is to de-stress from the ups and downs of everyday life. It shouldn’t become something that would only add to your worries. Planning one big family holiday a year can be a daunting task. Any slight inconvenience happens and you’d feel bad for the rest of the year. In short trips, you’d be able to make memories with your friends and family multiple times a year. At the end of the day, you would only remember the good times from the trip. If you keep thinking about making the trip luxurious then it would only end up being about that. Make sure your trip is about the right thing which is enjoying while broadening your horizon.

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