Lyrics of life started in January 2020 when the world was gradually being engulfed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Amid all the uncertainties, the desire to spread hope and positivity around the globe became all the more important. With this in mind, Syed Sarmad Ali came up with the idea of initiating a global organization ‘Lyrics of life’. Aiming at spreading positivity and inspiring people to see the silver lining in every cloud.

Life, in general, is a symphony, a bittersweet symphony balanced with all its good omen and bad omen. Just like lyrics add meaning to a song similarly every individual’s life has its own lyrics giving meaning to it. The ventures we embark upon, the experiences we go through, the ordeals and happenings of life can surely be entitled as LYRICS of our life. All these events though good or bad give meaning, definition, and clarity to our life.

Every individual has to go through the highs and lows of life. But, some of us lose sight of our track, taken over by desperation and hopelessness. Confusion clouds your sight and desperation fog your mind. But, the best of the best are always the outcome of such unfortunate circumstances. Failures and challenges if dealt with properly can transform you into a better version of yourself. To help you achieve your goals and stay determined despite the failures we are here to show you the path.

A helping hand and true guidance at the right time can save you years of struggle and failures. We at Lyrics of life aspire to be a mentor you were struggling to find. Through our blogs, e-books, and courses you will get insights on every aspect of life from developing soft skills for socializing to accepting yourself the way you are. Life is a journey of experiences, some are pleasant others not quietly so, but we don’t shy away from the unpleasant incidences of life. After all, the good and the bad together give life its meaning. Only if you knew how the bad is dealt with and how the good is savored would you be much at ease with life.

As life is becoming more complex and intangible, the need for proper guidance and counseling is of great importance. Globalization, modernization, hybridization, and hyper-reality have taken over the world. There was a time when society used to construct our understandings of rights and wrongs by setting stereotypical criteria but with the emergence of globalization and modernization, the concept of human agency has evolved more than ever, ruling out all the stereotypically set criteria of right and wrong. Now a person holds their own reins. He himself is more eligible to decide what is good for him and what is bad, which decision is fruitful and which is futile, and how it is going to shape his life in the present and future.

Although now people prefer to search for answers according to their own exigency, there is only a handful of sources whom you can trust. We are here to help you find the guidance you are in search of. Sharing our experiences and ventures in all diverse areas of life including home chores, occupational health, society, and relationships.

Also, we would love to know your experiences and ideas. Share your struggles with us and you would never have to suffer alone.

Lastly, life is a blessing. Enjoy the time you have around and come live, love and laugh with us along the journey to a better you.

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Syed Sarmad Ali