Life, to most of us, is a symphony, a bittersweet symphony balanced with all its good omen and bad omen, fortunate and misfortunate, cacophonies and epiphanies. Just like lyrics adds meaning to the song, our life has its own lyrics too, which sprinkles more definition to our life. Our ventures, experiences, ordeals and happenings of life can surely be entitled as LYRICS of our life because verily they bring more meaning, more definition and clarity to our life.

Every single entity in this world has a different share of life experiences and sufferings which furbish and enhance them into a better version of themselves. All life’s endeavour and learnt lessons are never futile. All those sufferings have something better to offer in the coming days. It makes you holier and brave. You keep the journey of your life alive, endure the agony, gather the shattered pieces of your heart and drag it to the frontline to fight for a lost battle by putting your all trust in the prowess abilities of the divine power. You tend to come out as a more strong and vigilant person and lessons you have learnt through your life experiences, you want others to learn from them as well. From this is where the concept of helping others or advising others originate in your life, which is one of the very important words in the lyrics of life. You suffer, you stumble, you fall, you stand up and you learn. Moreover, what you require most at any stage of your life is guidance. And this is what this blog is all about, guiding you in every possible way about life. Proper guidance in life can help you to overcome many different issues in life.

It helps you to improve your performance in multiple areas of life. As life is becoming more complex and intangible, the need for proper guidance and counselling is of great importance.

Globalization, modernization, hybridization and hyper-reality have taken over the world. There is this continuous race of individuals, trying to overthrow each other. In today’s world, one decides what is right and wrong for him and for his circumstances. There was a time when society used to construct our understandings of rights and wrongs by setting stereotypical criteria but with the emergence of globalization and modernization, the concept of human agency has evolved more than ever before which has ruled out all the orthodontically set criteria of right and wrong. Now a person holds its own reins. He himself is more eligible to decide what is good for him and what is bad, which decision is fruitful and which is futile and how it is going to shape his life in present and future.

In the days of yore, people used to gather pieces of advice and guidance from their elder ones but now the time has been changed. Now people prefer to search them according to their own exigency and this blog is one of the sources that has been set for your facility and composure. Here you can find all the guidance I have inherited through all my experiences and ventures in all diverse areas of life including home chores, occupational health, society and relationships. I hope you will find it helpful in every regard.