Many people wish to change their lives for good – it does not mean that they wake up to be a completely new person overnight, but changing your life is more about taking steps to ensure that you become a better person than you were yesterday. If you are one of those people who think about how to change your life then keep reading!

An important thing that most people fail to understand is that in life, the only person we are in competition with is ourselves. People believe that they are in competition with everyone and they wish to turn over their lives in a few days. Many people ask how to change your life in a year. How to change your life in 7 days? Or how to change your life in 30 days? However, they do not understand that changing your life cannot be measured by days. The right question to ask is how to change your life for the better.

When you understand why you want to change your life around, it’s only then that you will be able to move towards making a positive change in your life. To find some handpicked tips to change your life read below: 

1. Set a Goal

A life without a purpose is a life without a destination. It is essential that every person must have a goal that makes them want to wake up every morning. If you wish to change your life, it is essential that you set a goal for yourself. Your goal does not have to be huge – you do not have to conquer the world. You can have smaller goals that you achieve step by step. Setting a goal is one of the most important keys to success in life.

If you do not have a goal, you will quickly become demotivated, and your ambition to turn your life around will go back to square 1. Having a target allows you to stay motivated, keeping you from drifting away. Set a goal by listing 5 things you would like to change about your life.

2. Start a Budget

In today’s world, it is necessary to always have some money that you can use to fulfill your dreams. Whether you want to change your life by enrolling in a university or by traveling the world – you can save up money each month and use it to turn your dreams to reality.

Budgeting will not only help you in making your dreams come true but will also provide you with financial safety, which is very important when you decide to take risks. When trying to change your life risks play a vital role, we will talk about it below.

3. Take Risks

Risks play a vital role in a man’s life; if you do not take risks, you will never move forward. Every successful person ever has taken risks, and every successful person has faced a downfall in their lives – but did they stop taking risks? No.

If you do not take risks today, you will not be able to turn your life around since your life will become stagnant. Once your life becomes stagnant like standing water, you will never be able to flow like a wild river.

It’s better to take risks and fail than not take any risks at all – remember this.

4. Embrace Your Failures 

No one has succeeded without failure; let us give you a few examples. JK Rowling’s original pitch faced rejection 12 times, but she did not give up.  Imagine if she would have given up, would we have spent our childhoods with the masterpiece? If she gave up, there would be no Harry, no Hermione, no Snape, and No “the one who must not be named”

Similarly, Elon musk encountered many failures as he tried to take Tesla, SpaceX, and PayPal to the height of success. Had he given up, would we have electric space shuttles? Would we have the fastest cars in the world? Or would we have PayPal?

If you wonder why is it so hard to change your life, then you must read the groundbreaking success stories of these icons and learn to embrace your failures.

5. Accept Yourself

Acceptance is the first step towards change – until and unless you do not accept yourself, you will not be able to change yourself. Acceptance comes with acknowledging your strengths and your weakness and knowing yourself from within.

If you keep telling yourself that you are perfect and you do not have any weaknesses, then you will be a victim of delusions that will not let you change your life ever. On the other hand, if you keep highlighting only your weakness without trying to overcome it, then you will fall prey to self-pity.

Balance is important when assessing your strengths and weakness, and then balance only comes with knowing yourself from within. If you often ask yourself “how can I really change my life?” or “how can I change my life to be happy” then get acquainted with your core values, beliefs, and traditions – only then you can know yourself best.

6. Surround Yourself With Positivity

In the recent era, we depend too much on people without thinking about the influence they have on our personalities.  You must have positive people around you if you wish to change your life for good. Many people have extremely toxic friends, and they ask about how to change their lives.

Not just the people, to increase positivity around you grow a plant, water the flower and take fresh air. These things will allow you freshness and will form a positive aura around you. Nature is the best escape when you look for positivity.

7. Don’t Hold Grudges

Holding onto grudges never helped anybody. If you keep on holding on to grudges, you will always cling to your past and face difficulty in moving forward. Once you let go of any grudges you held against anyone, you will feel that you are a completely new person ready to let go of the past and move forward.

8. Forgive Your Mistakes

We all make mistakes – after all, we are humans, and to “err is human.” No human being can be perfect, but what counts is what we learned from those mistakes. The lesson we learn from our mistakes is the reward that we get. It is important to forgive yourself for all the mistakes you have made, and instead no matter wherever you go take the lesson you learned. If I were to change my life today, then I would stop holding grudges NOW!

9. Balance Your Life

Balance is important, whether it is in diet or life. In today’s time and age, it is hard to keep balance in our lives. We are all hustling and trying to meet the pace of the world; however, it is only possible if we keep a balance. We think that if we work 20 hours a day, we will earn more and be rich sooner, but that is not true. When you work so many hours a day, it exhausts your mind, and you fail to deliver quality. That is why it is important to balance your life. Apart from work, make time for your family, friends, and yourself. If you wonder can habits change your life? Then yes, habits can change your life. 

Balance in life is the key to changing your life for the better.

10. Read More

Books can be a source of inspiration – whether your fiction or nonfiction – every book leaves a mark on you. For most people, reading can be a great escape from their daily lives; it helps them enter another world that helps them strike creativity. If you notice, you will find that most people who are creative are avid readers. Moreover, we often encounter people who commute effectively; there is high chance that they often read too.

Try to read a book now and then; it will play a major role in changing your life.

11. Say “No” More Often

Most people hesitate in saying “No” even when they are uncomfortable with saying “Yes.” We must learn to say no. If you feel that you are not comfortable with a certain thing, or meeting a certain friend on a certain day, you can simply say “No.” You will soon realize that everyone will appreciate the “No,” you said, instead of doing something halfheartedly.

If you wonder what the people around you will think, you will understand that by the time they will understand too. And if they don’t understand, then you must not be around such people.

12. Treat Yourself

We often go overboard when treating others but think 100 times before treating ourselves. Treating ourselves is not only about buying things for ourselves, but dressing up, taking time out for ourselves, and enjoying our own company. Someone rightly said, “if you don’t love yourself, no one will.”

Once in a while, you should take time for yourself, get your favorite meal, wear your favorite clothes, get your nails done, or simply watch a movie. You do not have to buy a pair of Prada shoes to treat yourself (however you can buy them if you wish to.)

13. Make Older Friends

Older friends can be a blessing – they can teach you a lot from their experience.  While most people of your age would not have experienced certain situations, a person five years older than you might have experienced them. Friends who are older than you tend to be closer to their practical lives, if you stay with them you can get a taste of practical life too which can get you started much more early than the friends of your age.

If you wish to change to start a new life, the first thing you need to do is change your perspective and attitude towards things. You must have a growth mindset to make sure that you change your life for good instead of messing your life up. Growth & Development

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