I can safely assume that you are here in search of the same question as I was once. “What is Love?” It took me several years to get my answer. I stumbled upon multiple answers to this question but deep down I was not satisfied with whatever I answer me got. I was desperate to get the answer to this question. It all started when one day my beloved left me claiming that “I don’t love her”. I was devastated and perhaps it was the most painful time of my life.

So I had to explain to her and make her believe somehow that I adored her. But before that, I needed to know what love actually is. Maybe love meant something different to her and I really didn’t love her and she was right in her claim? Eventually when I found the answer to the question “what is love” what do you think she did?

What is Love? My journey to discover Love

I came across many answers. Some of them were quite simple like ” Wanting to spend time with someone is love”. But then I realized wanting to spend time with someone is just a desire. It originates from our need for companionship. So I was not satisfied with the answer and my search continued. After that I thought maybe being happy in someone’s happiness and being sad in someone’s sadness is love. But the problem was that we empathize with people even when we are not related to them in any way or we don’t have any emotional attachment with them. So I couldn’t accept this answer as a description of love as well.

My search continued as I came across various answers until I reached the conclusion. “Sacrificing our happiness for someones else’s happiness is love”. In short ” Love is sacrifice”. If you have felt so strong for someone that you are even willing to put your interests behind. Then it means you are in love with that person. Recently a stray cat gave birth to a kitten at my home. After giving birth she got very weak and fragile. I never saw her eating before her kids even when one could clearly see her bones. A mother’s care towards her children is one of the purest forms of love that exists.

People leave you because they want to. It has nothing to do with you.

One fun thing is that when I finally found out the right definition of love. I tried to make her realize how important she was for me and I really did love her. She was not even willing to hear my answers. I tried to quote events from our past when I stood by her side when no one else was. When I sacrificed everything I had just to see her smiling.Because she meant everything to me. But still, she was adamant that I didn’t love her and she doesn’t want to be with me. That day I realized, people leave you not because you are not in love with them. But because they are not in love with you.

The label you as a villain in their story to satisfy their conscience. Also to get rid of the build-up of guilt. They lie to us and to themselves as well.

So next time someone leaves you claiming that you don’t love them. There is quite a good chance that actually they are the ones who don’t love you. Let us discuss some signs that we can trace in those who are in love.

10 signs of love – How to know if someone Loves You

1) We want to spend our max time with the one we love.

Love is an immensely pleasurable feeling itself and being able to spend time with our loved ones is even more pleasurable. We always look for opportunities so we can spend some time with our close ones doesn’t matter how little. It literally soothes our soul and makes us feel like we are on the seventh sky. I remember when I used to talk/spend time with my beloved all my pain and suffering would use to fly away in an instant. Spending time with our beloved is extremely soothing that’s why our heart desires more and more to spend time with the one we are fond of. Even if they are silent and just their company is more then enough to kill all the pain we are holding inside and make us smile and feel relaxed.

2) Youe beloved is in your mind all the time.

There are two people we can’t get off our mind, the one we hate the most and the one we love the most. When you adore someone even simple daily chores like eating the breakfast remind you of your beloved. You wonder what my beloved had eaten or else what they would be doing now etc. They are part of all your plans and you plan for almost everything keeping them in your mind. If you have to go on a holiday trip then you look for holiday destinations your beloved would love to go. Even if you are planning to cook a meal. You think of what your beloved would like to eat for dinner. You are at your office or home or elsewhere thoughts regarding your beloved cross your mind at all times. They make you smile and you relish upon those thoughts.

Ever saw someone thinking something and smiling? There is quite a good chance that they were thinking about there beloved.

3) We are always concerned about our beloved.

When we are in love we are always concerned about the ones we love. Their health, their career, and there overall well being. We always strive to bring the best of everything to our close ones. Our foremost desire is to see them prosperous and flourishing away from any kind of suffering and pain. We do everything we can as per our capacity to ensure there success and happiness. Let alone big things, we are concerned about small things as well. Like they went for a regular exercise today or not. Or why they are not getting out of there habit of skipping the meals. The love and caring attitude we have towards our loved ones is what makes the relationship so special.

4) When we attempt to heal them we also get healed.

We strive to provide comfort to our precious ones by any means. Knowing that we are the reason behind there comfort provides us as much comfort as well. This is the magic love brings along in our lives. There is nothing more soothing in the entire world more than seeing our loved ones happy. And if we are the reason behind the happiness of our beloved. It is the most pleasurable in the entire world. When we intend to heal the one we love, we get healed as well in return. Do you know of any emotion more magical then Love?

5) Spending time with them brings peace.

I can’t think of a feeling more peaceful than being able to spend time with your loved one. Whether it is some outdoor activity or even sitting in silence with them brings immense peace. Wherever we are we long for the time when we will be able to get back home and get a chance to spend time with our loved ones. This is the feeling that keeps us going on in the face of hardships. We know that its a storm now but as soon as we will get home and spend time with our loved ones. All our pain, stress, and anxiety will vanish away. The peace that we feel when we spend time with our loved ones is irreplaceable.

Nothing in this world can bring more peace and that is what love is all about. But once they are gone we need to get over our past to find peace.

6) Your loved one are centre stage for all your future plans.

When we are love it naturally becomes our first priority to keep in mind our loved ones while making any future plans. We put ourselves second and our loved ones first. As the happiness of our loved ones is far more important to us than of our own. If you get a chance to get your dream job but abroad. Before accepting the job offer you will definitely consider that your loved one would like to move along with you or not. And if not you are likely to refuse that job offer even if it’s your dream job though you will get sad for a while eventually you will feel happy and content knowing that you did it for your loved one and smile on there is what matters the most in the world.

7) Lovers share happiness and sadness.

When one is in love, seeing there loved one happy makes there filled with happiness. And seeing there beloved sad makes them concerned and smile vanishes away even if they were the happiest person in the world a minute before. When we share the bond of love with someone, our happiness and sadness are mutual. 2 bodies and a single soul, it is rightly said. We can only be happy if our beloved is happy. And if your beloved is not happy, nothing in this world can make you happier. As the smile of the beloved is most precious for a lover in this world and that’s what he treasures until the end and to protect that smile he is willing to make any sacrifice.

8) We remember them in pain and bliss.

When we are in pain the one we love most comes first in our mind. It is natural for a human to feel a little dependant on the one he loves. So when we are in some problem we can’t wait to give a call or pay a visit and open our heart to our dear one. As even being around them brings peace so opening out heart to them is a successful recipe to get rid of the pain. when we are happy we want to share it with the person we are most attached to or the one we like the most or whose presence in our life makes us feel blessed so naturally, we start wanting to share the good news with our loved ones.

Seeing them getting happy listening to our good news doubles our happiness and that is truly a moment of joy.

9) We sacrifise for our loved ones and it magically makes us feel content.

If you don’t feel like sacrificing your long-awaited dreams and your desires for your loved ones then you are not really in love because the very essence of love is sacrifice. We have grown up hearing countless stories of how the people make great sacrifices for there loved ones and they have done so throughout human history. It is a such strong force that it makes us sacrifice things that are most precious to us. Now the magical thing is even after making huge sacrifices we feel relaxed and content. As nothing brings more happiness to a lover than seeing there loved one happy and stress-free.keeping our loved one happy at all times and at all costs is a self-proclaimed responsibility that every lover loves doing.

10) We are afraid to lose them

There is no greater fear exists that can haunt one more than the fear of losing their dear ones. If you had someone precious in your life then you would be totally able to relate to this feeling. We are afraid to lose what is more precious to us. There is nothing more precious to us than our dear ones. So there is always a door open for fear to crawl in. Wherever we go and doesn’t matter how far we roam that fear doesn’t go away. This fear is proof that how much we adore them and how precious they are to us. Eventually, you need to realize that they are gone now and learn how to get over a breakup.

Love is indeed a great feeling and those are few lucky ones who get to experience it. At least once in there lifetime. If you don’t want to lose your loved ones like I did o have jotted down for you 10 amazing relationship tips that will help you nurture your relationships.

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