School is commonly known to be the real-life prison for most of us. The time used up in school and the lack of liveliness surely gets us drained! However, fear not! I am here to provide tried and tested school life hacks for students on how to make your school life a piece of cake. (You can thank me later) 

1- Plan how you spend your time

Planning is an important part of your school life which will definitely help you in the long run. An unorganized mind is definitely not going to help in achieving an organized life, so get a grip on yourself! What I like to do is a thing called “time-logging” instead of writing a full-blown out journal containing unnecessary details, I choose to write important and specific details such as when I did I wake up? How long did I take in the bathroom (yup surprisingly I take very long), when did I start work? I’m sure you get the gist. How time logging will help you, It is up to you to figure out how you spend your time and how you can utilize your time to the utmost potential. Time is money so spend it wisely! It is one of the most important school life hacks for students.

2- Study environment

Now when you get down to do the actual studying, the essential thing is the environment, you cannot possibly study in a flea market! (If you can big ups to you if you can) A personally preferred environment would be in a library or anywhere else that’s quiet and not filled with distractions, your study space should also be tidy, well-lit, and not too hot or too cold, to avoid being uncomfortable, and at 6 AM because that’s the key time for your brain to absorb information and plus, it feels like you have a lot of time on your hands which will make you feel motivated to get more done in the day!

Another tip for studying is to surround yourself with people who are serious about studying, yes friends are fun to be around but leave them for your other extra activities, my advice is to stick with the studious people in your class, learn from them, or teach them, share strategies because those people are the only best influences for you this exam season. Friends can be motivating and really does help when your solving problems together as you feel you’re not alone, getting teachers involved can also be advisable as you’ll get that one-on-one time that you wouldn’t usually get when class is in session. It is one of the key school life hacks for students.

3- Stop procrastinating and motivate yourself

I know it’s easier on paper, but you just got to stop your thoughts and start getting stuff done! Make yourself a to-do list for the month and stick to it, it’s very motivating watching yourself progress and knowing that you’re actually getting stuff done! Give yourself a reward for every single thing you get done, even the simplest task because it all counts in the long run. Submit your work on time, do not by any chance, leave your work unattended because you are going to regret it and always follow this school life hack. If you are aware of the amount of money being spent on your education, you’d be sure to go ahead and start hitting the books, know your priorities!

4- Study smart and not long

It is a common situation for students to sit down for long periods of time thinking they have done so much studying but in reality, they have been re-reading the same paragraph for the longest time and haven’t actually gained any knowledge. Do not fall victim to this, as it is also a form of procrastination, one of the key school life hacks is to study at regular intervals. Learn to be productive. Another tip to keep the studying from demotivating and monotonous is switching up the methods of studying, if you’ve been writing for a while now, it’d be a great time to switch to reading, or if you don’t feel like doing any of that, then you can go on YouTube and listen to a video lecture about the subject you’ve been studying.

Switching up the subjects can also help. For theory-based subjects, writing using colour-coordinated pens, diagrams, mind maps, highlighters, writing them a few times really works for me, it’s like it’s ingrained in your muscle memory and you’re bound to remember what you learn for life. Here are some scientific ways that will help you to study smart.

5- Take care of your health

I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase “health is wealth”, well I couldn’t agree more! Following a good diet will not only save your body from the colossal damage you are putting it through by overfeeding it with large quantities of the same food, but it will also aid mentally as well, gone are the days of mental fatigue, and say hello to the energized you! It is a form of self-care to feed yourself proper nutrition and leaving high-carbs and sugary foods for occasional events only.

Exercising will also help you in feeling energetic and it is a nice break to take after studying so long and it will also lead to better sleep which is something you absolutely should not compensate for! Exercising can be done in the form of yoga, light running, jogging, or even walking, but if you want to really change your ways, I would suggest hitting the gym near your vicinity.


Another thing you should strive for is sleeping for 8 hours max, the minimum is 6 hours, for average teen or adult, that will be enough to get you through the day if you feel groggy after waking up, splashing water on your face helps and a little coffee won’t hurt but don’t overdo it! However, you suffer from insomnia please seek a doctor’s aid. Learn how to get better sleep at night. Again, sleeping is important, it helps you in retaining the information you studied in school, helping you in the long term! The ideal time to sleep would be at 11 PM and to wake up at 6 AM, to start off a brand-new day! Also, read how eating healthy can leave a positive effect on your life.

6- Don’t stress it

Another unhealthy practice is to stress! Do not overwork yourself at all, I know life can be demanding, but it’s really not worth it, I mean if you think about it, what do you get to lose? Stress is nothing but a bad omen in my opinion, the more you think about it, the worse it will actually become.

So, I want you to take this moment to relax, take as long as you need away from schoolwork, socializing, and other draining tasks. Just focus on yourself and how you’re going to overcome the stress, try healthy practice would be to meditate, write out your thought processes and imagine what you’d say to someone else if they would be going through the same thing as you? If you haven’t found the solution yet, then turn to a guidance counsellor or anyone else you trust enough to help you. Trust me it will get better, you are not alone, it will pass.

The future is never guaranteed so focus on now. Always follow this school life hacks it is one of the most important school hacks for students. Schools provide extra-curricular activities for the exact reason, to get your mind off studies for a while because after all that hard work you definitely deserve the break you’re getting.

7- Positive thoughts

I get it, you probably been told this at every motivational speech ever, but what does it really mean to be positive? Let alone think positive. I believe that negative thoughts are just as valid, just don’t let them take you too far into the ground. Based on an article I read, they say that negative people are aware of risks and therefore are more mentally prepared for what could go wrong. So yeah, negative thinking is also positive, to a degree of course. But nonetheless, try to be nice to yourself and love yourself, tell yourself things you’d want to hear from someone else, now’s not the time to wait on anyone else to tell you positive things. Encourage yourself, be your own cheerleader! Learn how to be positive.


In the end, I would like to say is that don’t sweat about the future, take care of yourself, your mind, your body, your time because you will not get another opportunity to redeem yourself, make more networks, get support when needed, you guys should prioritize learning and learn how to make learning a rewarding experience. and it will help you in other aspects of your life besides school. If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to have a smooth sailing school experience, and hey, it might even help in your college and university. I truly wish you the best for you and good luck in life. Take care. Today you have read school life hacks for students, Also, read here some other school life hacks that could leave a positive impact on your life.

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