There’s a lot to be done when it comes to ‘How to be productive. If you are someone who has this constant urge to increase productivity in life then I have some good news for you. We often come across some human machines in our life who are just the master of getting things done.

While you might be figuring out the way to get the task done, these superhumans are already halfway through it. So, what makes these people more productive and energetic than you? Well, according to Google, productivity is,’ Achieving a significant amount or result. In simpler words, if you are productive YOU do a lot! With that being said, the question arises ‘How do you produce a lot within the given time frame?’ Efficiency is the key to it.

Productivity isn’t that complex to comprehend. It’s doing things better. There is always a better way to get things done. But, don’t be hard on yourself. It takes time and effort to adopt habits that can impact your life drastically. You can’t magically expect to wake up one day and tick off those 50 tasks on your to-do list which have been pending for months. You need to make small changes to your daily routine. If you start practicing these ways you will be on your way to getting more efficient and productive every day.

How can I be productive in 2020 | 11 easy ways to be productive every day.

We all come across the same situations and hurdles while doing work. However, the most productive people have a way of overcoming challenges. It is impossible to achieve that level of productivity and efficiency overnight. But, by studying those habits which highly effective people have, adopting them, and making a constant effort in that regard, it’s possible to boost your productivity level.

From killing the procrastinator in you to getting the boring work done to staying motivated and energized the entire day, the following tips will help you maximize your efficiency and productivity.

1- Prioritize your to-do list to be productive at work

This is a must when you want to increase your productivity. Grab a pen and paper or make a new note on your phone to write the to-do list. Write the most important tasks first ending with the least important ones. Your to-do list should not include 30 tasks that you have been delaying for months.

Instead, take one step at a time and divide those 30 into sets of 2 or 3 to ease your burden. Never set unrealistic goals for the day. It will only be a source of procrastination. Focus on a few most important tasks that need to be done ASAP. Complete these most important tasks first while starting your workday.

When done with them hop on to the other tasks which might be not as important but need to be done. Getting organized and knowing where to invest your energy will prove to be a productivity booster.

2- How to be productive– Rise with the Sun

Yes, you heard that right! Waking up early in the morning is the first step to smashing the day and end up with a euphoric feeling when you come home. Even if you are wondering ‘How to be productive at home you need to get up to get a head start on the day. You don’t need to make drastic changes and wake up 5- 6 hours earlier than you usually do. But, just waking up 30 to 40 minutes earlier will make a huge difference.

Utilize that time to focus on your goals. Make your bed. Organize your home. Spend some time in nature and have a calm breakfast at home instead of rushing out with your coffee in hand. Think about what you would want to achieve at the end of the day. Make every day count by winning the battle with your bed. Give it a try!

3- Avoid social media to be productive every day

You might be thinking ‘Why is it social media always?’ Well, in this digital age where everything is a click away it’s hard to stay on track. Social media can prove to be nothing but a distraction while you are at work. One of my favorite productivity tips has to be limiting social media exposure.

With a myriad of social media platforms and apps which can be readily installed on your phones, a wide chunk of your time goes to waste. Social media is the first distraction you need to limit. Just track the time you spend on different platforms and add them up to see if you are wasting it or utilizing it.

If you are still wondering,’ Is it okay to waste time on these platforms?’ No, TIME IS MONEY! There is no other way one can emphasize the importance of time. So, don’t waste it stalking others on useless platforms. Further, social media not only wastes your time but might debilitate your mental health as well.

4- How to be productive – Avoid multitasking

Multitasking might be your plus point while doing low-level tasks like chores at home etc. But when thinking about high-level, more demanding tasks you need to focus on one task at a time to excel at it. When multitasking your mind continuously shifts attention and thereby you are unable to focus.

However, to be productive you need to limit distractions and focus on a single task at hand. Blocking out all distractions and focusing on a single task is a habit that highly effective people possess.

Make a list of all the distracting thoughts which you encounter while working. I am often asked,’ How do you force productivity’ the answer to which is very simple, STOP MULTITASKING! If you multitask you’ll be wasting a lot of time and energy and much concentration would be required to excel at a single job. Try this and thank me later!

5- Take more breaks

Take more breaks to increase productivity in life. There’s evident research to prove that shorter breaks taken more often are a productivity booster. No one can sit in the office cabin, working tirelessly for eight hours straight. Even a machine requires time to rest. Sitting longer, and trying to do work is nothing but a physically and mentally taxing job.

After a certain time, you need to get up and re-charge yourself as your body has used the entire glucose stored. According to the Pomodoro technique, work rigorously for 25 minutes without any distractions and take a break for 5 minutes to relax.

This will help you focus on the task at hand the entire session and develop a deep work ethic. After every 25 minutes, you would be having 5 minutes at your disposal. Use it however you may seem fit. Take a stroll in that and come back recharged and energized.

6- How to be productive– Set goals

Set reasonable but challenging goals for yourself if you want to be productive whether at home, work, or school. Figure out what you want to accomplish by the end of the day and don’t stop until you have achieved that. When you have a bigger and more complex task to do divide it into small milestones. Set proper time for each milestone and treat yourself with short breaks when you accomplish them.

While talking about larger life goals, you can’t expect to achieve them in a single day. Just as you prepare for exams by dividing the syllabus into smaller sections, which can be achieved in a day. Similarly, you need to break your larger goals into smaller actionable steps.

With that being said, always keep in mind that the time you allot to a task while writing your to-do list might consume more or less of it. So, don’t be hard on yourself if you complete the task in 1 hour rather than 40 minutes. Be positive about your goals and don’t be intimated by them. Goals help you stay focused and with each goal achieved you are one step closer to success. This is what I experimented with to make myself productive and the results are amazing! Here is how you can stay focused on your goals.

7- Be organized to force productivity

The better organized you are the less time you take to complete a task. Just imagine entering a disorganized room, what is your first reaction? You don’t even want to sit there let alone do work. So, to be efficient in your work you need to organize your workspace. Be mindful of where your tools are.

De-clutter your workspace. Keep it minimal and clean. Nothing will slow you down like wasting an extra 10 minutes trying to find a file. Keep a robust system to record all your appointments and store information. Always keep your desk clean and tidy and have minimum distracting objects around.

Have a bottle of water at your desk to keep yourself hydrated. Spending five minutes fixing your workspace before leaving for home will save you a lot of time and effort the next day. Your productivity will be explosive once you try it. Here are some great tips to stay organized.

8- Try saying ‘No’ more often

When you are trying to be productive you want to achieve as much in as little time as you can. But productivity doesn’t mean doing every irrelevant work that you come across. Rather it is excelling at a few and being the master of it. You don’t have to be the Jack of all trades. But be the master of one.

It is beneficial if you have the know-how of how things work but doing everything yourself is a waste of time if you are not efficient in it. Imagine being the sole worker in a factory and doing every task yourself. It will take months to produce the results which a team of workers produces in a day.

Besides, If you have a unique and distinguishing skill set no one can imagine losing you let alone replacing you. Saying yes to everything is a surefire way to end productivity.

9- Be productive by exercising more often

You are your own best friend and your own worst enemy. The way you treat yourself is self-explanatory to how others should treat you. If you take care of your mind and body other people will treat you well. But if you treat yourself like trash, so will the people you spend time with.

Eating healthy and exercising is the first step in investing in yourself. Getting fit like your favorite celebrity will explode your energy to new levels. You’ll feel more energetic, and focused, and multiply your creativity. Exercising twice a day is beneficial for your health.

Use the first 15- 20 minutes after you wake up and then after you are done working around 6-7 pm. Exercising has such vast benefits that the list might not even end if we go on counting them. To be productive you need to move that body a bit.

10- Write a stop-doing list to be productive at work

Every productive and enthusiastic person has a to-do list all set for the next day. But, if you are someone who wants to surpass your productivity expectations you need to have a stop-doing list as well. While doing work different distracting thoughts might hinder your performance.

You need to write that down the moment they appear in your head. When you are deep into a task but suddenly an email pops up in your head to which you had to reply to write it down on a paper. Similarly having an urge to check out Instagram or Facebook is also a distraction.

Spending a minute replying to your friend or a minute checking their photo might not seem a big deal. But, when you add that time you would be surprised at what it amounts to. So, to force productivity you should be having a stop-doing list placed right in front of your eyes.

11- How to be productive– Learn from your mistakes

As humans, we are bound to make a few mistakes here and there, while doing work or at home. Can you stop committing mistakes? No, so what can you do in that regard? You need to learn from them. If you are doing a task for the first time you surely are going to spend some extra time figuring out how to do it.

You might even go wrong on the first attempt. You will commit mistakes, which should be a blueprint for you. A wise person always learns from failures rather than mourning them time and again. Don’t be hard on yourself for making the wrong decisions in the past.

They are stepping stones towards success. You are one step closer to perfecting a skill every time you go wrong in it. Mistakes can be a source of valuable knowledge if you start learning from them. Here is how to get over your past.


Everyone likes to accomplish more in less time. While some people are gifted naturally others can adopt certain strategies and habits that will boost their productivity and renew their enthusiasm. Discussed above is a list of certain habits, if you adopt and make a consistent effort than will be produced every day.

But, adopting new habits requires time and commitment so don’t be hard on yourself if you fail once or twice. Practice makes a man perfect. So, stop wondering about ‘How to be productive’ rather than take the actionable steps explained above.

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