Do you know what is motivation? Well, all humans have desires and wishes. Some achieve them while others might not. So, what makes the difference? Or what is the determining factor in accomplishing your goals?

Yeah, you are right, it is motivation! From big life goals to the usual day-to-day tasks that require to be done no matter what, motivation plays a crucial role in fulfilling them. It not only activates you but also makes you persist and intensifies your will to transform your desires into goals.

With that in mind, below is a comprehensive article written on the importance of motivation, the types of motivation, and different tips to keep you motivated throughout the day. But first, let me explain what is motivation.

What is motivation?

Motivation is the driving force behind a person’s actions. It serves as an impetus to achieve a goal. It stimulates you to take any action and sustains those goal-oriented actions. And It is a psychological state that drives you towards a specific goal. It stimulates you to initiate and perform an action that continues until the desired results are achieved.

In simple words, humans perform various actions daily. The ulterior motive behind those actions can be gauged by observing their behaviors. Let me give you an example. You might have a friend that hits the gym every morning or evening. Or, you must have observed a student studying daily for several hours.

So, what makes them initiate this behavior and sustain it as well? It is MOTIVATION! Behind each of these actions is a driving force that urges them to perform these tasks. It makes you study hard to achieve good grades. An individual hitting the gym regularly is motivated by the desire to maintain health and fitness. Even a person taking a bath daily is motivated by the desire to keep up with good hygiene standards. Similarly, hunger motivates you to eat a meal.

Further, the desire to earn money is your motivation to get a job. The desire to help unfortunate people is your motivation to be a philanthropist. Therefore, motivation plays a vital role in your life. People often wonder, how do I find motivation in life? Or what is the greatest motivation in life? Well, I will be explaining it a bit in detail below. But to answer shortly several internal and external factors play a role in arousing your motivation.  

So, without further ado let’s jump on to the real talk now!

What are the three types of motivation?

Now that you know what is motivation, let’s see how many types of motivation exist. In essence, it is divided into two main types extrinsic and intrinsic, but researchers came across a third type of motivation recently. It might prove to be effective if the first two don’t serve the purpose.

a) Intrinsic motivation

According to Contemporary Educational Psychology Journal, Intrinsic motivation comes from within. It is an internal drive that makes you perform a certain task. It serves as a source to perform a certain task whether it be eating a meal or going for a run in the morning. When you are internally motivated you no longer look for the rewards or punishments separately associated with it. You are motivated because of a challenge that comes with it or just for fun.

According to the research, there is no separate outcome attached when you are internally motivated. You do it because you feel good about it. These are the tasks you do or the goals you achieve for your satisfaction. It is a source of self-motivation. I hope this explains the question, why do we need self-motivation? Fully!

With that being said, intrinsic motivation might not be easy to find. Because who enjoys sitting behind a desk for almost half a day? Or, who finds satisfaction in going through the same monotonous routine? But, if you search deeply and find you’re ‘Why’, it might be easier to change your perspective on the days you feel least energized.

On the surface, it might seem boring for a customer service representative to answer the same questions daily. However, deep down you might feel inward satisfaction by helping others. Similarly, being a marketer you might be internally motivated by the desire to make someone grow.

To further elaborate, a recent study analyzed the behavior of incoming cadets at West Point Military Academy. The studies found that cadets inwardly motivated had higher chances of sticking with their military career. Further, they were more likely to make it through training and gain early promotions as well.

b) Extrinsic motivation

Referring again to the Contemporary Educational Psychology Journal extrinsic motivation is when an action is performed to attain a separable outcome. Apparently, after the early childhood years, most of the tasks you do and the roles you assume are due to the influence of the society you live in.

You might not be wanting to get into medical school but you have to give in to your parent’s wishes. You will be seeing your future in being a pop singer or a rapper but you might not materialize your dream career. Due to societal influence, most of your actions are externally motivated.

Now coming to the point external motivation is easy to find. It might either be the money, fame, rewards, punishments, or promotions that come with your job. When you do your homework just because you don’t have to face the punishment the next day that’s when you are externally motivated.

When you give more than 40 hours a day to a job you are not passionate about to get the monthly paycheck that is extrinsic motivation. So, how do you stay motivated? Look for external rewards to re-focus on your goals the next time you feel running down on motivation.

c) Family Motivation

Are you thinking, how do I look motivated? The good news is family motivation is here to save the day! Family motivation is another type of motivation on which little research has been carried out as yet. According to the Academy of Management Journal, this type of motivation kicks in when you are neither internally nor externally motivated.

What that means is when you are not internally satisfied with the job you do. Or, it is not rewarding enough financially that providing for your loved ones can give the motivation required to keep you going through the day.

This study analyzed a group of factory coworkers who had to perform the same tasks daily and their jobs weren’t rewarding enough even. But, surprisingly the workers who cared about supporting their families were more energized at work.  

However, family motivation also has extrinsic and intrinsic characteristics to it. Let me explain in simple words. If you value your family and have this urge to provide for them then you are intrinsically motivated.

But, if your family pressurizes you then you are extrinsically motivated. The bottom line is if you don’t feel internally or externally motivated then you might do something just for the sake of your family. Most people have this desire to make their family proud or happy. Guess what even you might be one of them!

So be proud of yourself because most people in your life rely on you. Now, stop wondering how can I live a motivated life? And just look at your mother’s eyes beaming with proudness if you feel down someday.

Why is motivation so important?

Motivation inspires you to move towards a goal. It prompts you to take action and convert your dreams into goals. It is one of the most important life skills, without which you will have no purpose and no goals to aim for. If you want your dreams to become a reality you have to be motivated enough to strive toward them.

There are billions of examples of motivated people existing in the world, who materialized their idea into impactful businesses. Steve Jobs is one of them. If he wasn’t motivated enough to build Apple you wouldn’t be holding an iPhone in your hand right now. If Bill Gates thought, ‘I can’t do it, there would be no Microsoft in the world right now.

All these motivated people believed in their capabilities despite the odds. They didn’t lend an ear to the naysayers nor did they take permission before dreaming.

For this reason, motivation is imperative to live a successful and happy life. Owing to this several kinds of research have been carried out by psychologists to study the impact of motivation on life.

The motivation theory, motivation in psychology, management, education, and motivation in business are all the sub-domains that clearly explain the importance of motivation. 

However, if you are still wondering what is the importance of motivation? Then read on to know further about it.

10 amazing benefits of staying motivated in life

1) Motivation builds confidence

When you are motivated you no longer have the fear of failure. Despite all odds, you look straight into the face of adversity and conquer your fears. You are confident enough to take the first step required to accomplish your goals and make them a reality. With motivation by your side self-confidence comes naturally.

The importance of motivation can be gauged from the fact that it compels you to strive toward the path of success. It gives you enough courage to try and experiment with new things because unless you try you won’t be fully aware of your hidden potential.

Here are some other ways to be confident.

2) Motivation clarifies your goals

Do you have a purpose or goal in life? If yes, then you would have the desire to change your life too. Motivation builds the desire for change in you. It urges you to accomplish your goals.

It compels you to struggle for the life you dream of. Motivation develops a can-do attitude in you. When you are motivated, you no longer look for excuses or wait for the perfect moment. Instead, you make your way towards it. All in all, it gives you the clarity of mind necessary to accomplish your goals.

Here are 10 effective tips on how to achieve your goals.

3) Motivation makes you persevere in face of adversities

When you aim for a goal in life there will be no perfect route to achieve it. There will be bumps and cracks along the road. No matter how many hours you spend making a perfect plan there will always be some loopholes in it. These loopholes will later transform into setbacks and failures. But, motivation gives you enough courage and determination to face these setbacks. It makes you persevere when quitting seems the best option. As Thomas Edison said,

‘I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.’

4) It makes you grow and experiment

Motivation is such an overpowering force that it changes personally and professionally as well. It enhances self-development. When you are motivated you try and experiment with new things. As you set high personal development goals for you along the way you try to push yourself to your fullest potential.

So, why is motivation the key to success? Because whether it be personal growth or professional motivation shows you the path ahead. It transforms you along the way as you accomplish new goals. Hence it makes you a better, confident, and determined person with each achievement.

5) Motivation inspires people around you

Motivation is a contagiously inspirational force. It not only inspires you but the people around you as well. If you have ever met a self-motivated person then you might resonate with what I am saying here. The aura of a self-motivated person is different and inspiring.

Motivated people not only build and grow themselves but also push others to chase their dreams. It is an attractive trait that transforms you and others.

The company of motivated people can help you to elevate your motivation levels. So, surround yourself with such people, listen to their stories, and be inspired in your life.

6) Motivation increases your performance potential

This benefit of staying motivated in life requires no explanation at all! But still, let me elaborate a bit by giving an example. You might have days when you are oozing and boozing with motivation.

While on the contrary, you have days when you don’t even want to brush your hair. So, which days you are the most productive? The days you feel motivated are the days you achieve your best, as your energy levels are high. Thereby, motivation increases your performance potential and makes you the best version of yourself.

7) It makes you commit to work and be successful

Success is the one goal in life we all wish to achieve. No matter how hard it seems motivation makes your tough journey to success bearable. It increases your commitment to work.

It increases your energy levels and makes you more determined in life. Further, it makes you happier along the path to success with each goal you achieve. Motivation not only makes you a better person but also inspires the people around you.

Certainly, motivation is an inspiring muscle to possess and flex around. Here are 10 keys to success in life.


So, what is motivation, and why it is important in life? Motivation is an inspiring and life-changing trait that you can possess. The importance of motivation can be illustrated by the fact that it is the key to success. I hope the article successfully explained every aspect of motivation in detail. But, why do you think motivation is important in life? Let us know in the comments below.

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