Creative ways to do daily tasks quickly and efficiently, using only simple household items, are called Life Hacks.

You have to admit, sometimes, the simplest of household tasks are just frustrating. We have all been there. Sometimes you just wish for some routine job to be more comfortable than it is.

Life hacks are just the thing to make your regular life a little less painful. But don’t worry; you don’t need any fancy equipment or any expert training to do these simple life hacks. We have made an effort to bring you life hacks to do at home. So you can ease up your life in simple yet creative ways.

Life hacks to do at home are easy ways to help you. They range from everyday electric or plumbing problems to organizing your kitchen or room. Life hacks to do at home also include cooking tricks and easy ways to clean certain stubborn stains. In other words, life hacks to do at home are merely new ways to do everyday things more quickly and even efficiently.

Who Invented Life Hacks?

The term hack itself was first used in 2004 at a technology conference in San Diego, California. Although “life hacks” was not used, the meaning was completely different. The term was used to describe software and IT engineers who used shortcuts in their coding. Thus, the terminology had a negative sense.

But, as time went by, the meaning of “shortcuts” was seen in a new positive light. These shortcuts or creative life hacks were quick ways to do daily tasks. In other words, they were reducing manual labor. The creator of life hacks to do at home is not a single person. This phenomenon came on the internet gradually just as a new understanding of “Life hacks.” So the short answer is no one invented life hacks.

When creative life hacks became somewhat of a sensation online, people started sharing experiences. Little experiments that they did in their homes with everyday tasks became cool life hacks when they shared. Little by little, the database grew and even caught the eye of famous internet celebrities.

Today you will find numerous pages bringing you creative life hacks for ease. We have selected a variety of new life hacks that can be quickly done without any help.

What are the Best Life Hacks?

The best life hacks are the ones that don’t need any outside help. If you had to call the plumber or the electrician to help you with life hacks, what’s the use? Here are the best life hacks for you to easily do from home

1- Airport Luggage

Say you’re at the airport coming home from a vacation. You are happy because you got a new travel set which is very popular. But wait, you see three other bags of the same kind as yours on the conveyor belt. Who knows which bag is yours? How embarrassing would it be if you pick up someone else’s bag, right?

No need to worry; you don’t have to find a unique journey set from a far-off country to solve this problem. Nor do you need to write your initials on your beautiful travel bags with a sharpie. 

A creative life hack is just to tie a small piece of cloth with a unique color to your bag. Problem solved right? You don’t have to search for your bags; you’ll see them coming miles away on the belt.   

2- Waterproof your shoes

This life hack to do at home is for outing lovers. It’s for our campers and hikers who want to wear their favorite new shoes when they go out. But you want to camp by the stream, and your boots are going to be ruined. 

A cool life hack is to use beeswax. It’s a simple lubricating compound that you’ll find at the nearest store. All you have to do it cover your shoes in them and let them set in. You got yourself some waterproof shoes. This creative life hack blocks the absorbing power of the cloth your shoes are made of. So, don’t be afraid to get your feet wet. 

3- Smelly Dustbin 

People who work in a kitchen are going to appreciate this cool life hack. It is so simple it would make you laugh. More often than not, you throw fruit peels or juice boxes in the bin. But, if you let it sit even for a day, the juice is absorbed by other trash that you threw in, and it starts smelling like a morgue.

So, what could you possibly do? Well, all that this creative life hack needs is a simple piece of old newspaper. You set it at the bottom of your dustbin and voila. It will absorb all the liquid from any peels or any other trash. Also, your kitchen stays stink-free. Only the best life hacks for you.

4- Smell Free Laundry

Here we have another one from new life hacks for travelers. Everyone does pack a good change of clothes for a trip. For the first day or two, everything is okay. But, if you are traveling around a bit, your dirty laundry will pile up. It is a bit of a hassle to fulfill your wanderlust by day and do house chores by night, is it not? By the time you get home from a week-long trip, even your clean clothes smell like dirty laundry.

Unless you want to carry separate bags for clean and dirty clothes, these creative life hacks will save you. All you have to do is take a scented soap bar in the compartment that you put your dirty laundry in. Yes, that is truly it. The perfumed soap will absorb the bad smell and keep even your dirty clothes smelling fresh. Cool life hacks, aren’t they? 

5- How to tell if the battery is good?

Ever brought a pair of batteries home only to find out they were terrible? Or sometimes, you find batteries at home, and there is just no way to tell whether they’re good. Unless you have electric equipment handy, an ammeter will tell you the battery’s power in no time. But, not all of us are homemade electricians, right?

For those of you who don’t want to buy an ammeter and then carry it around each time you need batteries, here is a new life hack. All you have to do is drop them on the ground from 2-3 feet in the air. If they’re good, they’ll give you one small bounce and fall right over. But, bad batteries will bounce around a bit before tipping over. So all of those asking how do you make life hacks at home? This is simple proof. 

6- Cool Night Lights

We all want a little ambiance in our rooms sometimes, don’t we? You may like brightly lit rooms, but sometimes a little darkness can set the mood just right. But those fancy night lights and lamps are quite expensive, aren’t they? Well, do not fret because we have some cool life hacks for you to do that.

All you have to do is fill up your plastic bottle with water. No, this isn’t magic, people. The water is not suddenly going to become luminescent if you swish your wand and say Lumos. But the only other thing you need in this life hack is a small light source. Small torchlight or even the light from your phone is going to work.

Put it under the water bottle, and you have yourself some ambiance. The liquid will dissipate the light around it and give you free room light. Oh, and if you have colored drinks, the results are going to be even better.

7- Cool your Drink Quickly

You bought a chilled Kool-aid at the store and head quickly home. But the heat got to it first, and now it’s lukewarm. Yet, you don’t want to wait half an hour for the refrigerator to cool it, right? Try out this life hack.

All you have to do in this creative life hack is to cover your bottle in wet tissue paper. Now when you put it in the fridge, it’ll cool up in minutes. This cool life hack is a little bit of science so let me explain. The water on the tissue takes energy (or heat) from the bottle to evaporate, leaving it colder. So, you are just accelerating the fridge’s process. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

8- Perfect Pan Cakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes, right? But those of us who really love pancakes know it isn’t just the taste. The shape is an essential part of the pancake experience. Perfectly round in shape is just satisfying to see. But for that, you need to have a circular mold, right? Wrong, this cool life hack will let you have a no-mess experience with pancake batter. Legend has it that it’s impossible to achieve, but here we go.

All you have to do with this life hack is clean out an old ketchup bottle. You put the batter in the ketchup bottle and pour it according to need. Not only are they going to be perfectly round, you just saved yourself a ton of dirty pots and pans as well. Not to mention your own clothes. Aren’t these just the best life hacks ever?

9- Color Code your Keys

Ever had your locks changed by the same locksmith? Well, the guy was good, so quality work was ensured. But, you ended up with seven keys that look the same and open different doors. But, with these life hacks, not only will you differentiate, but also give them a little aesthetic.

All you need for this creative life hack is nail polish. I’m sure everyone has at least a few popular colors at home. You can use pink for the girl’s room and blue for the boys. The kitchen can be green, and the bathroom yellow. So on and so forth. You’ll have cool-looking room keys, and you won’t get confused at your own home.

10- Strong Coffee

We have one cool life hack for the cold brew drinkers. Everyone likes it extra chilled when it comes to cold brew. Refrigeration doesn’t usually cut it, and everyone goes for ice cubes. But that waters your drink down quite a bit. And you don’t get the kick that you need from it. But these life hacks to do at home have the solution for you.

Instead of freezing water as ice cubes, just use coffee. It is that simple, use frozen coffee instead of frozen water, and you won’t feel like the coffee wasn’t strong enough. Nothing but the best life hacks for you guys.

11- Stop Pasta from Boiling Over

The pasta is on the stove, and you found a cool video to watch. What’s going to happen? The water is going to boil over, and probably throw your pasta outside the pot as well. Those induction stoves with timers are expensive, aren’t they? But it’s boring to just stand there and watch water boil no matter how delicious the pasta is going to be later.

This might sound like an old wife’s tale, but these are cool life hacks. You just put a wooden spoon over the pot, as soon as water touches it, it will retreat. No, the wooden spoons aren’t enchanted. Wood is just water-repellent. As soon as the water hits a water-repellent surface, it will go back down. Also, since wood is an insulator, you don’t have to worry about getting too hot either. A pretty creative life hack, isn’t it?

12- Don’t Lose Small Items.

It is always frustrating when that little pin or screw falls and slides under your furniture. No matter how many times you put your hands under there, all you get is leftover dirt. You try shining lights, but no use, the carpet is thick, and the pin is lost forever. This may not be a big problem, but imagine if that happens to little pieces of jewelry.

With these new life hacks, it won’t be necessary to flip all the furniture and look for the pin as a family scavenger hunt. All you have to do is pull an old nylon stocking over the face of your vacuum cleaner. You sweep the area you lost your pin in, and it will get stopped at the sock. I don’t want to brag but, these definitely are the best life hacks. 


A hack is no more a cheater or a person who uses shortcuts to get what he wants. With the advent of “life hacks,” the definition has changed. We don’t have to be shy, looking for easier ways to do things at home. It is a sign of smartness to expend the minimum effort and get the most results. After all, why spend two hours on something that could be done quickly in ten minutes? Just by using these best life hacks, you make your life much more comfortable.

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