Looking cool and calm even in the hardest of situations is the most inspiring trait anyone can possess. While being cool is not only about changing your appearance. But it is also about acting cool that gives off a vibe of being true to yourself. It is about exuding an aura that you are at ease with yourself.

The coolest people are the ones who know that people don’t like them but they don’t give a damn about it. So, if you were thinking about how to look cool and that too effortlessly then do give the following skills a read. Be the coolest person in the room with these tried and tested tips.

10  tried and tested tips to look cool effortlessly

1- Do your own thing to be cool without trying

The coolest people on Earth are those who do their own thing without worrying about the world. They pursue the career they want even if it is against the norm. They don’t dither from the obstacles and challenges that might come their way in pursuing their goals. The coolest people are the most confident and independent individuals.

Talking about independence as Melyssa Griffin says in one of her blog posts, you can only be independent if you make your own decisions. Along with that focusing on the things that you admire about yourself and giving yourself emotional support also works wonders. Because self-approval is the first step to being confident about yourself. If you are comfortable in your skin then you will be living a more authentic life.

Self-esteem makes you believe that you are valuable and therefore you take good care of yourself. As mental help puts it, self-esteem heavily influences people’s choices and decisions.

So, to look cool you should follow your heart. Never think about what the world will think of you. But, do what you want. Achieve the goals that truly resonate with you. Don’t follow the crowd but take the road less traveled. Know yourself and do the things that truly inspire you. Going against the norm will make you look cooler and intriguing.

2- Maintain your calm in the chaos

The coolest folks in the world never lose their calm in the chaos. They know that everything that comes their way is a part of the journey. Therefore they keep the bigger picture in mind when it comes to the obstacles and challenges that life throws at them.

Now that doesn’t mean that they don’t get stressed or don’t have insecurities of their own. But, they don’t let their worry show on their face. Although inwardly they might be nervous, their tough outward exterior is what makes them cool and inspiring.

Something is exciting and relaxing about the vibe cool people give off. That is why people love hanging out with them. The coolest people have this idea in mind that life goes by at its pace. So, even if you try a gazillion times to disrupt it, it won’t unless the time suits it. This laid-back attitude doesn’t mean that they are lazy or don’t put in any effort.

However, they don’t worry or stress about the things that don’t have any control over. Putting the right amount of effort in the right place is a recipe for success.

So, if you want to look cool you need to be at ease with where you are in life. Don’t let the worries show in your eyes or your smile. Instead, be level-headed to never lose your rationale.

3- Know what you stand for

‘How can I be cool without trying?’ have you ever given it a thought? Well, I did. Back in the days when I used to analyze people who were known to be the ‘Cool cats’, this question frequently popped up in my mind. Only after realizing that it was their true self which they never shied away from, I got my answer.

Discover who you truly are. Know what you stand for. Examine the skills and strengths that you possess. Work on them to polish them further.

On the other hand, come to terms with your weaknesses and embrace them. Don’t ever let your weaknesses be a source of hindrance in your road to success. But treat them as challenges and learn ways to tackle them effectively.

The coolest folks in the world are never apologetic for who they are. They know the values and beliefs that are close to their hearts. They commit to standing by them even if it means going against the norm. But, most importantly they share it with the world without any shame, explanation, or apology.

A journey of self-discovery, self-approval, and self-appreciation will let you know the truest aspects of your personality. Come to terms with those aspects of your personality that you admire the least. Don’t punish yourself for them but own them and use them to your advantage.

Knowing your true self and being confident about it will add uniqueness to your personality and improve your confidence.

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4- Exude positive energy

While you might think that coolness comes from a sense of aloofness. Like being indifferent to people’s emotions and feelings when they are caught up in challenges. Being less empathetic towards people in distress. Giving a cold shoulder to a friend in need. Although there might be situations where you have to act this way, just because people took advantage of you previously. However, you do not have to act that way to look cool.

Cool is more of a feeling than just looking or being it. It depicts your mental state. It comes from a place of self-acceptance, confidence, and clarity of wants & needs. This makes kindness one of the qualities that cool people possess.

Be kind and adopt an optimistic approach to life. The phrase might say ‘Seeing is believing but for me ‘believing is seeing. Because only after you change your mindset you can appreciate the blessings of life.

Just as negativity reaps negativity similarly good things come to those who value them. Now, let me tell you one thing only after you are confident in your skin will you be able to be kind to others. So, firstly accept yourself. Positive people will automatically be drawn to you if you give off a positive and confident vibe.

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5- Stay confident always

Confidence is one of the rarest qualities that alone can make you stand out from the crowd. It outshines your abilities whether professionally or personally. It benefits you personally by helping you lead your family. Also, it improves your decision-making ability professionally.

One of the interesting traits that cool people possess is that they can pull of confidence even on days when they don’t feel quite good about themselves. Cool people are usually able to give off that confident vibe that says ‘I don’t give a damn about what anyone has to say.’ This level of confidence is extremely beneficial when you have to convince someone because it is really attractive.

People generally draw inspiration from someone original and confident. Those who are 101 percent sure about what they are saying. Those who never doubt their abilities and who take responsibility for their every decision. Such people never play the blame game.

Among other benefits like improving your self-esteem, having a higher social presence, and reducing your social anxiety it makes you look cool as well. So, flaunt your confidence the next time you want to be cool without trying.

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6- Don’t judge

One of the rarest qualities that only some people possess nowadays is being non-judgmental. Now, since cool people have learned how to get along with their shortcomings and weaknesses they know the importance of open-mindedness.

As they have dealt with their shortcomings they know how to deal with someone else’s weaknesses as well. This trait of self-acceptance makes them acceptable to other people as well. The coolest folks in the world practice open-mindedness. They never judge a book by its cover. They rarely judge anyone.

To look cool you have to be non-judgmental. People like hanging with those who give them the space to be themselves. Judgmental people are never liked by anyone. They are avoided by people. It’s more about the energy they put forth into the world. Positivity is contagious which comes from embracing yourself first and then being accepting of others’ faults.

So, embrace your shortcomings. Be less hard on yourself and eventually you’ll incorporate a non-judgmental approach into your lifestyle.

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7- Don’t try too hard to impress others

Now, this comes as a by-product of being confident! Cool people aren’t trying to impress anyone rather their coolness is their actual authentic self. They don’t have to try to be cool but in fact, they are cool just the way they are.

How do you earn this trait? Firstly, NEVER be ashamed of who you are! And secondly, don’t try to copy someone else. Cool people never care about impressing someone with their mannerisms. Instead, they don’t even care what others might think of them.  

They have accepted their flaws and learned to live with them as well. They are perfectly imperfect, but the ability to own their shortcomings makes them inspiring. This is why being cool is attractive.

Because you are not pretending to be someone else. Nor, do you crave people’s approval of you. If someone likes you, you are good. But, if someone doesn’t that is even better. You don’t have to stress about impressing people because you are TOO COOL for that!

8- Learn when to say ‘No’

Being cool is important but learning when to say ‘No’ is of greater importance. You are human. You are entitled to some off days here and there. People need to know that you are not a machine. You don’t come with a set of instructions and your attitude is liable to change.

So, learn when to drop and adopt a cool attitude. This technique applies to any other trait too. Trust me on this people won’t take advantage of you if you make it clear to them that you can’t act a certain way all the time. Rather, your behavior highly depends on what you are feeling internally that shows externally.


Learning how to look cool is just another skill that you should try to practice and maintain. Although, it might be difficult for you to adapt to the cool attitude instantly once you give it a try you will be good to go. So, practice these tips and you will be on your way to being the coolest person in the room.

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