There is no simple answer to how to excel in the workplace. To say that It requires hard work but patience, goodwill but vigilance, and lastly teamwork but also individual accomplishment would be an incomplete connotation. 

Have you ever heard about the famous American psychologist Maslow? According to his theory pertaining to the hierarchy of human needs, a conscious man’s quest for self-actualization drives him to undertake such tasks which gratify his scruples and temperament. Self-actualization means that we strive to put our maximum potential to use. It compels us to excel in not only the things we are required to do but also in the fields most close to our hearts and the ones we love

What does accomplishment mean to you? Some feel accomplished by excelling at their workplace, others tend to discover realization in helping others. Still, there are few who want to be their own bosses and work independently.  Whether you are a fresher at a budding startup, an apprentice at some firm, or a senior at a well-known conglomerate, read on if you want some handy tips on being successful. Regardless of the category you fall into, there are certain tried and tested gimmicks to keep in mind when working at any organization, enterprise, or company that will enable us to excel in the workplace.

10 Smart Ways to Excel in Workplace

1- Work Hard to excel in the workplace

You can’t excel in the workplace overnight. It requires perseverance, focus, and hard work. The assiduousness of an employee is what sets him apart from the rest of his colleagues. Always remember in life, going the extra mile at the start of your career will save you many miles in the future. 

Thomas Jefferson rightly said ‘’I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of It.’’

Hard work does not mean that you take the burden of others on your shoulders. What it does mean is to work efficiently and responsibly. It also means lending a helping hand to your seniors and juniors even if you think it is not directly rewarding. The benefit of this approach will be manifold: this will build your reputation among your peers as a positive person, help you learn a thing or two about another person’s job, and earn you acknowledgment not only in the eyes of your seniors but also outside the company amongst your professional peers.

2- Mind Your Business

One of the golden rules to excel in workplaces is to stay focused on your own work and never get into office politics or pleasantry. Keeping your nose out of other people’s business will save you from a great number of mental disturbances and earn you the status of being reliable and trustworthy. Do not ever downplay anyone or spread discontent about a colleague or a senior. Try to overlook the weaknesses of people around you and spend more time on productive self-analysis. Such habits require time and effort to build, but once these are formed, they last a lifetime. 

Now think about it! Who doesn’t want such a reliable and positive person on their team? 

Always remember this. Even if someone approaches you with gossip or bickering, there are plenty of ways to brush them off. Do not forget! Gossiping is always two-way traffic. You cannot always be on the listening end. Sooner or later you have to provide your input also. Once you fall into this cycle, your words can always be manipulated out of context by someone having an ill will against you. Even if this does not happen you will tarnish your reputation of being a reticent person, aloof from small talk.

3- Show Gratitude to Excel in Workplace

One of the simplest formulae of being a good employee at work is to be grateful for any small or big favor done for you. Extensive research has been done to see the effect of gratitude on long-term employee well-being and positive outcomes. It has been concluded that an environment of thankfulness should be promoted at all levels in an organizational hierarchy. This was due to the findings that gratitude improved organizational citizenship behavior and strengthened teamwork, as well as there, are several other benefits of practicing gratitude at the workplace.

Now try and recall! When was the last time you were grateful to a colleague of yours and you expressed it generously? Forget the occasional “thank you” you say when a colleague is courteous enough to bring coffee for you or accompany you during lunch break. Take a step forward and praise their generosity open-heartedly and do it often. This simple act of kindness is sure to help you succeed in the workplace by projecting you as more forthcoming and reciprocal. This will also make people around you ready to lend a helping hand next time you are in a sticky situation and you will excel in the workplace.

4- Walk and Talk Like a Leader

What impression would you form of a colleague who is always slouching over his desk or is in an unkempt condition for the most part of office hours? Similarly, a coworker who avoids eye contact or talks in a disordered manner is least likely to catch your attention as a dependable person. It is true, that we judge by appearance to a great extent. A confident-looking fresher is sure to attract attention and rightly so. Someone who puts effort into showing up for work every day is sure to put more effort into trying to excel at it. Furthermore, a powerful smile and confident eye contact can reveal eminently about your personality in a small period of time. Here are some other tips to move like a leader and how to be a good leader.

5- Dress up well

Always keep in mind” do not dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want”.Make your boss believe that you are ready for a promotion, a raise, or a change in your portfolio. A well-dressed person with hair in the proper place and a reasonably sophisticated bag is sure to put an impression on those around and also inspire others to follow suit.

It is not necessary to dress up expensively to put a positive impression on the people around you. Well-polished shoes, clean and ironed clothes and simple yet tidy hair are adequate ways to get your message across. This is not all! Even scientific research backs the claims that well-dressed workers are more efficient, focused, and self-assured. A charismatic and confident person automatically exudes leadership qualities and becomes the obvious popular choice of seniors for all challenging tasks. Here are some rules to dress up well at the office.

6- Self Esteem

Self-esteem is like a propellant that can help you excel in your career with fewer than usual hurdles. Self-esteem means that a person is self-aware of his strengths and weaknesses and allows no one to take undue advantage of any of them. He staunchly believes in his capabilities and knows how to engage them to contribute positively to the company’s benefit. 

An employee with high self-esteem sets clear boundaries of formality and control. This does not mean that such a person is egotistic, rude, or even blunt, it simply entails that he reserves the right to rely on his own judgment and perception regarding a matter. 

The balance that he keeps between candidness and leverage makes his coworkers comfortably cautious around him. Such work philosophy has a mutual effect on the atmosphere of the company. When a member expects to be respected like this, they reciprocate the same esteem for others. Such an interpersonal skill is an exceptional trait and contributes positively to an employee’s work ethics, moral inclinations, and overall work environment around him and helps to excel in the workplace. Here are some ways to improve self-esteem.

7- Step Up And Take Challenges

The most effective way to excel professionally is to prove your mettle and caliber in a difficult situation. There are highs and lows in the collective voyage of an enterprise, be it small-scale or advanced. Take initiative when everyone else is hesitant, offer your service with good intent for the welfare of your company, and then meet the assigned challenge to the best of your ability.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment”.

Whether or not you succeed, your stepping up to meet the challenge will perpetually win you the well-deserved limelight and acknowledgment.

When times are tough and future prospects are blurred, sticking to your job instead of quitting it in search of greener pastures is a tough decision. A recent study conducted to study the professional dynamics of about 29,000 people suggested that a boom in the career could be expected at a random time regardless of factors such as age, qualification, experience, or even productivity. The only reliable factor in any scenario proved to be the audacity of an employee in the face of an exigent situation. 

8- Follow Organizational Rules and Etiquette for a successful career

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Nowhere else is this age-old adage more relevant than in the workplace. Being a law-abiding employee of the organization will catapult you towards success like a shooting star. From following rules and regulations pertaining to legal, moral, and professional ethics to maintaining workstation cubicle decorum, all are indispensable contributors to achievement in the workplace. 

Rules ensure equity in the workplace and promote a harmonious culture of the company. This is the reason that bosses think highly of the employees who adhere to the policies and procedures of the workplace. It is beyond an iota of doubt that such disciplined individuals always make better choices for promotions and upgrades. Also, they are reliable for long-term projects and third-party dealings as they keep the notions of propriety into account. 

9- Don’t Compromise Your Well-Being:

In the fast-paced world of today, maintaining a career has become a full-time job. The employee often has to work overtime inside the office premises or from the vicinity of their homes. In such a scenario, personal well-being is often compromised rather than overlooked. To achieve greater success in the workplace and reap lasting benefits, it is indispensable to pay attention to your physical and mental as well as social and emotional health.

Let’s admit it! Human beings are unlike robots. They have their shortcomings and limits. It is impossible for a person to work under the constant stress of meeting deadlines and still be equally productive on a long-term basis. Sooner or later either the well-being or work quality will be compromised. So next time you are ambivalent about taking leave or an overdue vacation, do not hesitate and indulge yourself in a hefty dose of relaxation and entertainment.

 Research also backs the claims that employee well-being is conducive to an organization’s reputation and productivity. The correlation coefficient of a member’s motivation and welfare is considerably high. So by looking after his own welfare, an employee is doing service to his company and he will also excel in the workplace.


Work really is life for most of us nowadays. Excelling at work means a positive impact on other aspects of our life. Similarly, a setback at the office has both a direct and indirect effect on our mental state. To keep our life stable and fast-track our growth, we have to learn to prioritize our responsibilities and look after our coworkers. Motivation, positivity, helpfulness, and perseverance are all golden principles of success. Let’s implement these in our lives and kick-start our progress. 

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