Ever wondered why are we disliked by some people? Why our success and happiness does bother them?

Why do haters even EXIST?
: Perhaps there are too many whys to wonder about and you probably have thought about it every once in a while. We as humans are bound to categorize every person we meet as an ally or an adversary. More often than not we are quite quick to judge others based on the word on the street.

Today we live in a world full of hatred! Whatever you choose to do with your life, people will judge you for it. Living in this judgmental world requires you to learn the tactics to counter this hate as well. So, how to deal with haters and naysayers?

Let’s learn some tactics to deal with the judgmental freaks and raise them above the haters once and for all! But, first, lets us look into the importance of why you should ignore the critics.

Why you should ignore haters?

Hate is undoubtedly a strong word and a way stronger emotion. You might hate someone based on their religion or the color of their skin, ethnicity, cultural values, or simply difference of opinion. We hate people for being smarter, kinder, richer, prettier, or even better than us.

People hate people who they perceive as a threat to themselves for being different than them. Inculcating hate for someone is pretty easy and we are all well aware of that.

Out of all the reasons for ignoring hate, keeping your mental health intact is the most important one. The bitter reality of this world is that people are unfair and unkind. No matter how hard you try to avoid them they still would find a hole to sneak into your life, judging you for no reason at all. This is mere because of jealousy and meanness.

Keep this thing in mind that haters have nothing productive to do with their life so they find pleasure in directing hate towards others, only to see them as useless as they themselves are! So, instead of letting that hate affect your mental, emotional and psychological health just ignore them because Haters are Gonna Hate, no matter what!

10 Smart ways to deal with haters

Although it’s hard to block all the hate you receive, it isn’t impossible to handle. Learning how to handle haters and naysayers is altogether a different kind of skill that requires you to have a strong sense of self first. Below are the tactics that will help you in shutting down haters and avoid wasting your mental energy.

1- Turn a deaf ear to the haters

Bear in mind that there would always be someone judging and critiquing you for things you do. Even though humans crave being liked and appreciated by others it can’t always be the case. If there are 100 people in a room, one or two will dislike you or even more. They will find reasons to criticize you. You can’t expect everyone to like you.

Understanding hater psychology isn’t difficult too. These haters are either too bored with their lives or crave attention. The best thing you can do is to ignore them. Although it is hard to block that sort of negative energy all at once it isn’t impossible. Ignoring the hate and letting them be is the least you can do to avoid affecting your mental health. The moment you let them be the center of your life is the moment of victory for them because they like being in the spotlight.

Also, haters don’t have anything better to do except for spreading hate. When you respond to their hate or get affected by it their life gets meaning. You might have observed celebrities, bloggers, politicians, influencers, and famous people around the world getting hateful comments on their social media posts. If they had been responding to every hate comment would they be able to focus on their own lives and achieve what they aim for? No!

So, you need to block all the negative energy in your life and focus on the positive ones. Responding to haters is equal to giving their life a purpose and you wouldn’t like to do that right!

2- How to deal with haters-Kick them out of your life

However impossible it might seem to block the haters out of your life, it isn’t in reality. Listening to haters and letting them affect your mental health is like adding fuel to the fire. I understand that no matter how hard you may try it’s not always easy to ignore the hate that comes your way. The best way which I suggest to someone going through these circumstances is to have the courage to kick them out of your life.

Kicking the haters out of your life whether physically or virtually is the best way to treat hate with. As George Bernard Shaw once said,

‘I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes It.’

Haters dwell on negativity. They want someone to direct their hate towards. You need to block the negative energy out of your life. Letting them stay in your life will somehow affect your peace.

On days that don’t go in your favor, your mind will unconsciously turn towards the things they said once. It will only worsen the situation you are in, which is not what you want. Instead of letting the haters have access to your life and the opportunity to get under your skin, choose to block them out.

Learn to set proper boundaries even with your family and friends. You are not responsible for the reasons why people direct hate toward you. So, no matter how unfair life has been to your haters, you have no good reason to entertain their hate. Enjoy your life to the fullest without having to think about what the naysayers would say.

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3- Troll them back if you can’t kick them out!

When you are on the path to success you’ll meet a lot of people and mostly haters. Haters who have no purpose in their life and are too bored so they get the chill by directing hate toward others. You can say that this is their hobby to freshen up their mood.

Just imagine would a mindful person having goals and aspirations of his own waste time on spreading hate? No, a passionate and committed person would never do that rather would be working hard to turn his dreams into reality.

Knowing what incites the hater to spread hate is beneficial to deal with haters as well. At times when ignoring the hate isn’t viable, giving them a befitting reply seems a better option. The trick here is to give them the taste of their own medicine. If someone trolls you, troll them back. Losing your temper or being angry would make your path blurry only and that’s what they want. Demeaning and discouraging others is what they aim for.

So, if someone pours hate on you try responding back to them with a tinge of irony. Knowing that you are not affected by anything they say is a death blow to their arrogance.  Also, wit and humor lighten up the air in the room instead of turning it into a battleground.

4- Remember that you are on the right track

Haters are a part of the process of getting successful. People who are on their way to being successful often cite their journey with references from their haters. Although the thought of facing criticism and judgment is overwhelming at times yet it should not stop you from marching ahead on the path.

The criticism and hate should be used as fuel to the fire. Change of perspective is the need of the hour. When someone passes any negative comment on you directly or indirectly like you are sure to fail or you would regret this decision high time, you should think to yourself as I can’t wait to prove you wrong. Remember that haters are a part of the journey, you can’t bypass them. However, you can change the strategy of dealing with them.

Focus on the road rather than the wall. Haters just represent a wall that you can overcome with a little effort and determination. But, if you take their words to heart you can’t move an inch further let alone achieve your dreams. Just as John Brubaker, a consultant, and author, said in an Entrepreneur post that ‘you should love the hate because that means you are on the right track!’

When you face any hater in life remember that you are up to something big, which is hard to be digested by haters. They are just a bunch of cowardly and jealous people who didn’t have the courage to transform their life like you are. Demeaning you would satisfy their sole and seeing you break would make them victorious. So, don’t give them the authority over your life rather stride forward with the same zeal and zest as you did initially.

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5- Raise above the naysayers

Responding to hate with hate is easy. It’s less work and less effort. Countering hate with hate feels justified as well. But then, what’s the difference between you and them if you will resort to the same tactics?

The point here is, being kind while the other person is being mean to you, requires much effort. You don’t have to be kind for the sake of proving something to your haters. But, you need to be kind to yourself. Wishing them good will make you a better person in the longer run. It would ease the extra burden of proving them wrong and revenging them off your shoulders.

Also, remember that haters have unresolved inward issues of their own which turn outward in the form of hate on others. The problem is with them not you. Their views solely reflect their dissatisfaction with their life. You should not take those words personally, rather let them go with a smile. Stick to your morals and standards instead of stooping low to theirs. Don’t let your mental peace be affected by their negativity.

So, you need to smile the hate off to deal with haters, because the problem lies with them not you! As Lifehack says don’t deny yourself your life of the life you want to live just because of the haters.

6- Stay humble and positive to deal with haters

One thing that negative comments and hatred should make you do is to stay humble and positive nonetheless. Hate is a common thing experienced by everyone when driving on the road to success. Proving yourself or boasting about your accomplishments will only add to the time that you’ll need to finish your journey. However, deciding not to look left, right, or stop to clear the path will lessen your time along with improving your focus on the road.

Also, humility is an important trait that you should possess if you wish to be successful in life. The reason is that humbleness inspires other people. It is easier to act all haughty and pompous when you achieve a certain level of success in life. But, it is the humility in you that would attract more success towards you.

Now, humility doesn’t mean having a low sense of self-worth rather it is knowing about your limitations and ambitions alike. It helps you channel your energy in the right direction and enables you to achieve what you deserve.

According to the Greater Good Magazine, humble people are better able to manage stress. Along with that they also report higher levels of physical and mental well-being.
So, be humble and look forward to the positive side of life to give off a distinct aura regardless of what you haters might think or say!

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7- Believe in yourself

I have a question for you, can external threats be more damaging than internal weaknesses? No, they can’t cause that much damage as internal doubts and disbelief in yourself. What does this mean? This implies that you need to be your own best friend before blaming anyone else for pouring hate on you.

You might have heard of the famous maxim said by Bod Marley,

‘You are your greatest friend or your worst enemy.’

Although you spend the most time with yourself you seldom enjoy your company. This is when haters get a chance to direct their hate toward you because they know that you are already not in harmony with yourself. Taking benefit of the situation further dilutes your sense of self-worth and confidence.

You frequently start blaming yourself for things you did wrong and underscore the potential you hold within. This is your loss and their win but do you want them to win? Certainly not!

So, start enjoying your company when no one else has time to appreciate it. Cherish your accomplishments and stop seeking approval from people. Only you know your strengths, weaknesses, struggles, and accomplishments. People can accompany you on this journey but they won’t feel the same as you.

They would only talk from their perspective which would be wrong oftentimes. Instead of letting those judgments and hate affect you keep striding forward with the belief that you can do it. Surely the belief in yourself is greater than any outside affirmation and vital to have if you want to deal with haters effectively.

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As humans, we all crave attention and liking. No one likes being hated or misjudged. Thereby, experiencing hate is a painful phenomenon for anyone. Some people get past it while others are stuck in the rut and keep on doubting themselves eventually giving up on their dreams.

However, negative comments and hatred have nothing to do with you but speak tons about the person saying it. With a strong belief in yourself, the ability to pull their chains with a pinch of good humor, and with striding ahead without caring about what others have to say, you can conquer the haters.

After all, haters gonna hate and you gotta learn how to deal with haters without staking your own mental health and peace.

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