Happiness, it’s not merely just a feeling, it’s a state. Today we will be discussing ways that will teach you how to be happy again.

How sadness dwell on your existence and doesn’t allow you to be happy again

All the demons of our lives have always been unsolicited and uninvited. Heartaches, afflictions, woe, grief, desolation, agony, loss plunge into our lives and scrub away all the happiness from it. And this phase of existential crisis is inevitable in every individual’s life. Sometimes a calamity or a loss hits you naturally and withdraws every happiness from your life. It could be another way around as well, your negative speculation about faith or life, overthinking about your own life and your pessimist behavior can bog your soul down, numb your shoulder, choke your throat, pound your heartbeat, destroy your nerves and all you feel is that the grief has kept you in hostage for too long.

Why do you look for things to be happy again?

After being so worn out of handling stress and anxiety, you definitely want to come out of this bubble of gloom. You want to embrace your heartache because it has been so long since you are tolerating it. Even some little warmth can help your emotions flow out with ease because you have been cold for so long. You want to get rid of all the things that make you feel sad and if not then you want it to be your home, you want it to be accepted as a part of your existence; trusting the credibility of nature’s promise that your heart can be your own factory where you can turn your sorrows into the light, the light of love and can be happy again.

Here are a few things which will help you overcome all the demons of sadness which have been haunting you for so long and you’ll feel happy again.

1- You can not do anything about your past, don’t let it haunt you and be happy again.

This is the thing about the present-day human beings that he has lost his present moment among thinking and regretting about the days which are gone and worrying about the day which are yet to come. Thinking about the sufferings that you have endured during the past days makes you feel pity and sad about your life. This is how it works; the thing you spend most of your time pre-occupied about decides your attitude towards your life.

It is said that,
“Your behavior to the days gone shapes your days which are to come.”

If you have any guilt or regret which is linked to your past, learn how to overcome your guilt and any possible step that can be taken in this regard. Forgive others and ask for forgiveness, eradicate all the grudges that you have been keeping for so long. Do not let any excruciating memory from your past make your present excruciating for you. Let it go. Hate and sadness are heavy, let it go and feel freely focus on your present. It will help you bring gaiety to your life. And remember you are your own hero so you can be happy again.

2- Try to worry less about your future to be happy again

It’s natural to think about your coming days based on the circumstances that you have been going through today. You tend to believe the fact that if you are in pain today then you’ll be in pain tomorrow as well. You dwell on the fact that what you are facing today, you’ll end up facing tomorrow as well.

But it’s not something rational to look at. This is utter hopelessness and dejection. You’ll end up being sad not only for your present-day but for your future as well. Despondency and melancholy will enshrine your soul and heart completely. Try not to think about your future based upon your present situation. If you are depressed or sad today because of any reason, it doesn’t mean that you will end up being sad for the rest of your life. Be hopeful and try to cater to every situation vigilantly, this will bring positivity to your life. Here are some other ways that will help you to learn how to stop worrying.

3- Forgetting and forgiving will make you happy again

One of the key rules to be happy in your life is not to hold grudges. This world is a cruel place where some kind hearts are stranded. And this kind of heart has to go through a lot. They have to drag their tired heart to the front line every time to fight a lost battle. But it’s okay not to be okay every time. This world is a mere trial. Forget what people do to you like they forget the promises they make.

You need to learn how to Forget, forgive, and move on. If you are going to hold onto something which has hurt you then it will just cause more harm to you. It can be cancerous for your self-actualization and gnosis. Learn to let go of your past and believe me it will help you get-go all the frustration you have been holding into your core. If you will learn the rule of forgetting and forgive, believe me, you’ll be happy again.

4- Love should be the only thing that your heart holds.

Survival in this world is not easy. You have to endure uncountable pains, sufferings, oppression, agony, heartbreaks, and whatnot, and this is what we call life. Life is all about breaking, falling, putting your pieces together, mustering up your courage, and then standing up. Life is all balanced with its good and bad.

Heartaches and getting hurt by others is inevitable and so is oblivion. No matter whatever the situation is, no matter how hurt you are, no matter how this world is treating you, never let go of the pure love you hold in your core. Love for your creator, love for humanity, love for your loved one. That’s obvious, if you fill yourself with positivity and love, you will tend to become happier and blithesome. Try it, love can undo every harsh feeling and every bitterness and can make you happy again. Here are some other tips on how to survive in the modern world and how to get over a breakup.

5- Be grateful for what you already have in your life

Worrying about your own life is something that you cannot elude. There is this continuous chitter-chatter of what you had yesterday, what you have today and what you will have tomorrow. You try to be contented but you can not because this world forces you to be the part of the fixture which is all based upon materialism which gainsays existentialism.

Contentment for the life you have is directly harmonious with gratitude and the state of being grateful. When you are grateful and contented with what life has offered you so far, life becomes more happy, conducive and wholesome. Because you focus on what you have rather what you don’t and this makes your life easy. Don’t care about your loss, it is inevitable too. Live your life to the fullest with what you have and be happy again. Here is how to deal with the loss of a loved one.

6- Make a bucket/wish list.

Put all the atrocities of the world aside and try to explore more about yourself, what you want to achieve in your life. Whether it is someplace you want to visit, something you want to do in your life, it could be anything, even simple pleasures of your existence and that will be your bucket list. When you will focus on what you want to achieve in your life rather than thinking about what you have lost and what other people think of you, it makes you feel more inclined towards self-actualization.

It will make you the happiest person on the planet who is busy fulfilling his/her own dreams. This makes one feel so overwhelming about one’s life that is on the right path and investing their time on the right thing. What can be more enchanting about one’s own personality? Here are some useful tips on how to make a bucket list and how to stay motivated.

7- Cling to your loved ones and family.

If you happen to be a person who is a family-oriented and family-centred person then the best thing would be to cling around people you love and who love you back as well. The thing about being sad and grief-stricken is that you are forced to isolate yourself by your grief. Even if you are hurt by your significant other, you tend to behave in a rebellious for quite sometimes and it’s all subconscious and counterintuitive.

The best thing to do while you are grieved is to surround yourself with people whose intention is pure and whose priority is to make you feel better for who you are. Who stand by you during your thick and thin and who accept you with all your imperfect perfections. Your true friends, your blood relations, your parents, and everyone who cares about you. Think of their presence and their concern in your life and what matters to you. The notion of having them around you could be so salvation giving that you can not imagine.

Try it, it will help you overcome all the hurt that others have caused and will make you feel loved because you have the ones who truly care about you. You’ll feel happy in your atmosphere by surrounding yourself with such gems.

8- Try to do something for someone else (unprivileged).

The world has apparently become a self-seeking and egocentric place because you have disregarded the urge to do something for someone else. We cannot fathom the importance of the fact that not only other need our help but our souls have this urge to satisfy the inner humane spirit by helping others and we have been putting it into the abyss for quite a long time now and this is lethal for our purpose of existence.

Humanity is what this world revolves around. By nature, we all are selfless. Our pieces know how to give not to take and this is the beauty of our existence. But we have grown into the contrary beings by dwelling on the counter opposite forces to selflessness. What a tragedy, what an irony.

Have you ever felt the intensity of satisfaction and happiness that you gain by helping someone? Isn’t it so overwhelming? So pure? Giving something to someone is not merely about money or commodities. It could be your time, your love, your concern, your care, everything you can give. It will make you feel so satisfied and gladsome, you can not imagine.

9- Practice to smile each day

Despite having a rough and drilling day, pat on your own shoulder and smile. A practising smile can help you reduce anxiety, overthinking patterns and release stress. It can improve your mood and can enhance your cognitive senses as well.

The question arises, how to practice smile while being anxious about something?
Close your eyes. If you’re feeling nervous, take a few seconds to relax. Calm your senses, relax your jaw and face muscles and think about something that makes you happy and overwhelmed. It can automatically bring a smile on your face. Isn’t it something amazing? Undeniably smiling is the most powerful gesture in this entire world. It can be so beneficial for our health and well-being that you don’t even have a clue about it. And you can experience it on a trial basis as well. Try to force yourself to smile in your unfortunate times even.

Try it for a good one week or 10 days it will definitely make you happy again.

It has been scientifically proven by the researchers that when you force to smile, it activates certain types of muscles in your face which are directly related to your emotions of happiness and glee. Smile and enjoy your existence. These were a few key rules which will help you live a happier life despite being a survivor of heartaches.

Why sadness dwell on us?

Our existence depends on 3 main factors. Which is love, dependency on beloved and companionship?Did you ever happen to see wilted and saggy leaves of a tree? The trunk of the tree is the responsible body that keeps the tree intact, its barks, leaves, and flowers. No trunk, no tree. Just like a trunk of a tree, our relationships and our kith and kin are equally integral. They keep our existence intact and endure every storm of life. And them light rays which fall onto the tree are the rays of love and hope that we need in our life at every single step.

When our relationship with oneself and our beloved starts to fade, this is when the suffering, shattering, and longing start. We shatter every day and shatter more every time we try to fix ourselves by depending on the other person. This is life. Leaves wilt and fall down but human shatters and is forced to live till his death knocks on his door. This is the reality of life and hence we are our own heroes. So, healing is in our own hands too. Click on the following link to find out some other ways to stay happy.

Self-healing and winning the lost battle

You spend your days and nights mourning because you have associated your happiness with the presence of that one person or a thing that is bringing grief to your pieces. You have paralleled your happiness with the idea of needing love. That is why you are ungrateful and unappreciative of all the endowments that nature has granted you. Because we all are drunk at the notion that only love could heal and mend so we are forced to look for it around, not acknowledging the fact that it is all inside. Self- discovery, and self-healing are the basic steps that lead towards self-love and happier life. Be contented and let it all go.

Being an optimist is one of the things that can guarantee you happiness. Click on the following link to find tips on how to stay optimistic in life.

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