Are you constantly inclined to worry about being single?
Do you feel like everyone around you is in a relationship and well-settled except you?
Or have you recently broken up with your partner and found yourself struggling?
Well, with social media around and the contented life depicted on it you are bound to feel left out. Everyone taking pictures with their loved ones, going on vacations with them, and spending time together can make you feel stressed out and worried about your relationship status. It might seem like you may never find your happiness but in reality, being happy and single is similar to finding your happiness and uplifting yourself from other stressful conditions. The question here is how to be happily single.

Being single and happy can be quite a task. It is not always easy to find happiness within yourself. As social beings, you tend to depend on someone to fulfill your needs and take care of you and your happiness. A study conducted in 2008, published in the European journal of psychology says that single people are often presumed to be unhappy with their lives. However, these are just stereotypes that need to be addressed. Being in a healthy relationship has its perks, however, this does not negate the fact that being single can also give you a feeling of fulfillment and happiness.

It may seem that single life stings however by discovering your inner self and your passions you can truly change this mindset of yours. Here are some tips that can help you make peace with being single and can let you enjoy your single life without any stress or worry.

7 incredible ways to be happily single in life

1.    Strengthen your relationship with yourself

The relationship you have with yourself is one of the most important ones in your life. It improves your mental and physical health and can guide you toward setting the tone of your other relationships. The relationship you have with yourself is the only one that remains constant throughout your life. It shows you the reflection of the relationship that you have with others.

Strengthening your relationship with yourself will let you happy with your relationship status. It will allow you to enjoy the single life that you have chosen. Having no partner will let you dive deep into your thoughts, and your emotions and will let you understand who you truly are. It will let you know your worth and build yourself up helping you to encourage yourself and to look up to yourself for support. So,

How to improve your relationship with yourself?

Well, start by being compassionate and loving towards yourself. Instead of being overly critical of yourself, forgive yourself for your mistakes and move forward. Learn that the person that is going to stay with you every minute of your life is you, so take care of yourself and be gentle with yourself.

Do not compare yourself and your journey with others rather focus on yourself and your goals in life. Accept your flaws and imperfections and let yourself grow day by day. Practice being grateful for the little things in life and relish the time you spend with yourself. Treat your body with kindness and nurture it every day. The key to being happy while being single is to focus on yourself and savor the time you spend with yourself. Since this time gives you a great opportunity to date yourself and to get to know yourself, it will allow you to know what you truly want in a relationship and will never let you settle for any less.

2.  Connect with the people around you to be happily single

Social connection is the epitome of human life. We, humans, crave human connection and strive to achieve it. While single, you tend to crave human connections even more so. So, you may wonder, how can I be single and not lonely? Well, making basic human connections allows you to relish the true essence of life. It lets you take your mind off the fact that you are single and any unwanted emotions that come with this state.

If you want to be truly content and find joy in being single, you should prioritize your connections with the people in your life. Genuinely connecting with the people around you will let you be happy with yourself, helping you cope with your recent breakup and the status of being single. Not only that but building healthy relationships has been proven to be beneficial for your mental health, reducing any feelings of anxiety and depression.

Human beings are social creatures and one cannot survive without having meaningful connections. Loneliness can affect your behavior and mental and physical health to great lengths. So while being single, try to build healthy and meaningful relations with the people around you. This practice will ultimately lead you to be content with your single life, unwavering in any feelings of loneliness, rejection, and grief. So,

what are the ways to connect with others?

Start by being positive and friendly towards other people. Smile more frequently, this will invite others towards you. Remember not to force yourself down someone’s throat rather offer a hand whenever required. Another thing that you can do is to compliment the people in your life genuinely, not for the sake of it. Try to spend quality time with your friends and family. This will allow you to be content with yourself and will let you accept yourself as single.

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3.    Focus on yourself and your goals

Being single gives you the opportunity to focus on yourself and your goals. Sometimes being in a relationship gets your mind off your goals and may prove to be a setback to your career. Taking time out for yourself, and your future goals, and working to achieve them will help you be happy in your life and will not let you sulk in the misery of your relationship status. Being single will help you give time to yourself, your ambitions, and what you truly want. It will let you achieve your goals not allowing you to be anxious and desperate for the right one to come into your life.

Focusing on yourself can help you be happy with yourself. It will allow you to know your true ambitions and what you want in your life. Remember that your happiness is not attached to any person rather you have to find your happiness within yourself. Being in a relationship does not mean that your entire graph of focus should be set on your partner, rather be it a relationship or not you should focus on your life goals, your career, and what you want to do with your life.

Many people ask me how I focus on myself and be happily single. The first step would be to get acquainted with yourself as a person. Know yourself on a deeper level and be your own best friend. Knowing your true identity is the key to building a strong relationship with yourself. Focus on your mind, soul, and body. Take time out for your self-care. Be grateful for what you have and try to avoid the comparison trap. Write down your dreams and goals and work on them every day to be successful.

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4.    Engage in new meaningful activities

Engaging in new meaningful activities can be rewarding, making you satisfied with your life and your relationship status. Think about the activities you wanted to do while you were in a relationship but could not initiate because of time shortage. Well, you can try on those activities now and enjoy them instead of wasting your time dwelling on your singlehood.

Instead of brooding over what has been lost, immerse yourself in different activities that will make you happy. Enjoy different activities and relish every moment that you spend in them. Do all those things that you never had time for. Read the book that you have been wanting to read for a long time. Watch that one movie you had waiting for ages. Volunteer at a dog shelter. Make dinner for your family or take the online course you have been wanting to take for a long time. Do everything that you never used to have time for and enjoy them thoroughly.

Research has also shown that immersing yourself in meaningful activities is actually more closely related to your happiness rather than your relationship status. Enrolling yourself in different meaningful activities can lead you towards your true happiness. And once you find your happiness you are not obligated to be in a relationship to look for your happiness, rather you find it within yourself.

Being present in the moment and enjoying what you are doing is what is required for a happy and successful life. Be it your work, your family, or any other activity, you need to enjoy all of them to grow in life and be content with it. After all, life is a combination of having social support and engaging yourself in activities that make you merry.

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5.    Surround yourself with positive energy

If you have recently been through a breakup or have found yourself in the middle of a dating cold streak, the worst thing you can do to yourself is to alone all the time. Instead of cutting yourself off from everyone, try to meet people and go out as much as possible. You tend to feel especially lonely when you are single so try to make plans with your friends, go on a vacation, and most importantly cut off all the toxicity from your life. Surrounding yourself with positive people and positive energy is the need of time instead of letting toxic people into your mind and sabotaging your thoughts.

Surrounding yourself with supportive people and having strong social relations are essential for sound emotional and mental health. In other words, you do not necessarily need an intimate relationship to be happy rather having a group of close friends can get you through to a happy and single life.

The energy people around you radiate slowly and gradually becomes your own. If the people around you are bitter and tend to brood over every little mishap that happens in life, you are bound to have the same emotional state as them. However, if the people in your company are easy-going and happy, making the most out of every situation, well then you are most likely to radiate the same energy and mental state.

How to surround yourself with good people

According to the maxim:

“The quality of a person’s life is most often a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group.” – Tony Robbins

So, how to surround yourself with good people? First, identify the cause of toxicity in your life. It can be anyone, a close friend, a family member, or a colleague. Set up your boundaries around these people and learn to say no. Be open and connect with other people around you. Try to be fun-loving and go out on different adventures with your loved ones. Talk to your close ones and let it all out instead of letting your emotions get the best of you. Follow the above practices and you are surely going to lead a happy single life.

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6.    Treat yourself

One of the perks of being single is that your time is yours and you have fewer financial responsibilities. You get to spend your time and money however you want. To be happily single try to go on vacations and spend time with yourself. This will help you get to know yourself on a deeper level.

 You can make plans whenever you want to and can even cancel them if you do not feel like going out without having to explain it to anyone. Another benefit that you can gain from being single is that you can take some time off without making your partner angry or explaining the reason. Being single lets you have full control over your schedule without having anyone intruding and crashing it.

Remember the time you wanted to go on a vacation but could not go because your partner was busy? Well, now you have all the time, save money, book a ticket and go to the place that has been on your bucket list forever since now you are not obligated to wait for anyone.

Another thing is that you have less financial burden when you are single. Love is expensive and will cost you a lot. You have to buy Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, and birthday gifts. Besides that, you have to spend your money on various dates too.

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7.    Get back out there when you feel like it

Remember that you do not have to be single forever if you do not want to be. You need to know that the right person is likely to come eventually in your life. Look forward to meeting new people and connecting with them. Do not be afraid that you might make a mistake and lose another person. Do not put your date on a pedestal but hop on and enjoy every moment.

While you are single think about what you really want from a relationship. Think about the emotional, physical, and mental investment that a relationship requires. What are you looking for in your partner? And what goes on in a relationship to make it truly successful and long-lasting? Once you figure out the know-how of a relationship and what you need to do to make your partner happy, do not be afraid to go out for it.

Reiterating again, after every darkness there is light. Try not to become pessimistic but rather live your life to the fullest. Fulfill your ambitions and your dreams. Also, know that the person for you is bound to come to you when the time is right. Life is a process and after every dark night, a bright and happy morning is likely to come. So instead of sulking around and feeling guilty about your singlehood enjoy the process and cherish every moment.


Being single is not a curse rather it can be a blessing in disguise. Bear in mind that you can enjoy your life to the fullest while you are single as well as when you are coupled. You often tend to think that being single means being alone and having a sad time in your life. But it is completely false. Instead, single life can be your best life when you focus on yourself, your growth, and your ambitions and work for them.

You can make the best of your life while being single. By enjoying and cherishing every moment as it is. Rather than waiting for your partner, you allow yourself to live life to the fullest. While it can be difficult for some people to cope up with their relationship status of being single, one can always try to be happy. By following the amazing tips given above you are bound to make this time magical and certainly be happy. single and alone. 

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