Are you sick of your awkward self, standing in the corner all alone in the middle of a party? Have people ever called you boring? Or avoided talking to you? Are you as boring as you think you are? Well if this sounds like you then don’t worry because we have got your back. Being called boring is the most bizarre compliment you could ever get.

But, you can get that tag off your shoulder with just a few tips and tricks. All you have to do is stop stressing about life so much and let things loose. Being too serious all the time is not how you want people to remember you right? Right! So, let’s get into the list of ‘how to be fun’ without further ado.

10 Amazing Ways To Have Fun

With these tricks by your side coupled with some real efforts, you will instantly transform from a lifeless person to the life of the party.

1- Let go of your serious-guarded self

It goes without saying that people like hanging out with those with whom they feel comfortable around. No one likes being around someone whose always serious and too stressed about life. Let me tell you one thing which I learned the hard way, but I don’t want you to go through the same nerve-wracking experience.

I am always stressed about life. What will happen when my college ends? Will I get a job? Will I marry the love of my life? What if something bad happens? What if I mess things up? All these and a gazillion other things always cluttered my mind. I used to be so anxious that at times the people accompanying me would get annoyed. That’s exactly what you don’t want others to feel around you.

Now, I learned a trick to calm down my anxiety and that is ‘QUE SERA, SERA!’ Remember the childhood rhyme we use to adore back in the day? So, yeah you need to stop stressing about life because whatever will be, will be! There’s only little that you can control. Stressing over something which you can’t control is the most harmful thing you can do to yourself.

Moreover, being stressed would also compel people to avoid you. People generally like being around someone who makes them comfortable. Someone with who they can have a good laugh. Someone who doesn’t take life too seriously.

Be comfortable with yourself and your life first. Only then you would be able to exude that comforting energy. So, accept your flaws, count your blessings and enjoy the moment because WHATEVER WILL BE, WILL BE!

2- Be non-judgmental

After you have learned to accept yourself, it’s time to accept others too. Think about it, do you enjoy the company of a judgmental person? Someone who’s too quick to pass judgments and shut others down? No one likes being around such people and no one would want to be around you too if you are a judgmental person.

While being around others try to leave your judgmental self at home. Be welcoming of what others have to say even if you don’t agree with it. Have an open mind while interacting with others because if people are able to express themselves openly in front of you, you’ll come across as more likable. It’s a democracy, right? Everyone has an opinion and you should be more open about it.

It might be important to reflect upon your life if you are in the habit of passing judgment. Often times it’s your own insecurities, unfulfilled wishes, and desires in life that make you bitter on the outside. Judgmental people have the habit of evaluating people according to their preconceived notions. They like to act smart although they are not. Instead judgmental people suffocate the environment with their unwanted opinions. There’s always a negative vibe coming out of them even if they don’t talk because that’s just how they are.

So, be open in your interactions with others. Everyone has a right to speak and act the way they want. Practice empathy, acceptance, and genuineness rather. This shift of perspective will make people relax around you and you’ll be fun to have around.

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3- How to be fun-Laugh at yourself sometimes

While you may be in the habit of criticizing life when something bad happens to you, it doesn’t do any good to you either. Let me elaborate using a scenario. Two people in a room face the same life stressors.

Trying hard to make ends meet but, one person tries not to make it a point to stress while the other whines about it almost all the time. To whom you would be more attracted? Someone who doesn’t vent about almost everything in life right?

Let’s be honest life is hard. It’s not a walk in the park. You have to face the thorns along with the roses. But, does venting and crying do any good to you? No, so be less hard on yourself.

Try laughing at things that you can’t control. One of my teachers once advised me something and it has stayed with me since then. I’ll quote it in her words, ‘if something in life becomes a compulsion laugh about it and you’ll start enjoying it.’ I believe that’s the trick to easing down the bitter realities of life.

So, laugh at yourself when something goes wrong. Brush it off like nothing happened every once in a while. Humans make mistakes and interestingly that makes you more likable according to the Pratfall Effect.

It’s okay to act like a goofball at times. But, remember don’t overdo it. Making a joke of yourself at certain times makes you likable but overdoing it would make you less valued too. Try to balance things out too!

4- Be positive

I know it’s a bit clichéd, but the effectiveness of staying positive cannot be underscored. Staying positive amidst the chaos and uncertainties of life is way more difficult than it sounds. You might think how can someone stay positive when their life is about to shatter? Let me tell you how and why you should stay positive to be fun.

Although all of us have our fair share of bad days. Some people manage to get over them while others can’t seem to have a way out of it. The difference is in the approach with which they see life.

Talking about bad incidents while undervaluing the positive ones will only excruciate you. While on the other hand according to The Broaden and Build Theory of Positive Emotions, positive emotions not only signal flourishing but also produce it.

It means that a positive mindset will not only experience higher mental and psychological well-being in the present but also gain an advantage from this perspective in the longer term.

Though it’s hard to overcome the negative emotions at times yet the benefits of staying positive are exponential. Focus on the things which really matter to you rather than getting frustrated over something meaningless. Eventually, all things will fall into place and make sense to you. People like being around others who are positive about life.

So, if you catch yourself being overly critical and negative about life counter your emotions by focusing on your blessings. This will motivate you to achieve more and not lose your vigor.

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Do you find yourself complaining about the most mundane things in life? Do you fairly appreciate the blessings which you own? If this sounds like you then you seriously need to change the way you think and act.

Nobody likes COMPLAINERS. There are no two ways about it. The company of a person who rants almost all the time is not at all enjoyable. This makes people think that you are not fun. Unless you aim at cheering up the environment by complaining about something in a lighter way, it’s best not to.

If something is really bothering you try not to focus on it. I know it’s easier said than done. But we are all here to make our lives better and be more fun about it, and that requires sincere efforts! So, for instance, if you get annoyed at the long traffic jams try shifting your attention to the conversation which you can have with your loved ones around.

Turn on the music and appreciate the efforts which the composers and singers have gone through. Observe how different people are stuck in the same situation. Smile at them instead of having a constant frown on your forehead. To say the least, enjoy every moment.

We waste so much of our time complaining about the shortcomings in our lives that we even don’t recognize the blessings. If you find yourself complaining about anything in life brush it off your shoulders by saying whatever! Because at the end of the day there’s only so much that you can change about life. Change your attitude first!

6- Open up with people

People like interacting with people with who they can be open. Someone with who they can share their ideas. Someone who responds with the same energy as they do. Think for a moment would you want to interact with a person who just answers with a simple yes or no? No, you wouldn’t right? Then why would someone else interact with you if you do the same to them?

The point here is that opens up a bit. It’s okay if you have something funny or weird to say. People like uniqueness. They like getting to know the inner you. You are not there for an interview. Interact in human ways.

It’s not about just saying what you want but, it’s also about how you say it. Be energetic and enthusiastic. People should be able to see the fondness through your expressions. When you bring passion into a conversation the attention shifts towards you.

7- Step out of your comfort zone

Back in the days when I was not-so-fun, I use to wonder ‘How can I make my life more fun?’ This is my secret to being fun, try something new every once in a while. We as humans get tired of the monotony in our life. People usually get bored if they have to do the same chores every day without any newness in them. To get rid of boredom and to be a fun step out of your comfort zone frequently.

It might be going out on a hiking trip with your friends. Or joining some dance classes in the evening. Even watching some YouTube videos to polish your cooking skills can be fun. Learning new skills and perfecting them is always rewarding. You get a sense of accomplishment in achieving the not-so-important goals in life. As Bertrand Russell wisely said in his highly acclaimed work ‘In Praise of Idleness’ humans need leisure time as much as they need work to sustain their life.

So, you need to find the right balance between your work and life. Have some Me-Time every day. Try new things. Go out of your way even if you feel shy at first. Dance like nobodies watching. Do whatever you want. Be weird and laugh around because life is too short to spend it sitting in front of the computer and stressed!

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8- Be present in the moment

Lastly but most importantly be present at the moment. You only have the present to enjoy. The past is gone and the future is yet to come. Who knows what will happen next? So, drop everything and focus on the present.

Appreciate the flowers you see on your way to work. Enjoy the coffee you have during your lunch break. Spend time with your family and take a genuine interest in them. Stop stressing about the Next moment rather live in the present. Let me tell you one thing, you are your worst enemy but also your greatest friend. Train your mind in a way that you benefit from it.

Put everything aside and live the moment that you are passing. If you look distracted or stressed people won’t open up in front of you and you won’t be fun to them.


It’s safe to say that being fun is nothing more than a change of perspective on life. You need to lighten up a bit, let yourself loose and people will instantly find you fun to be around. So, the next time you think about ‘how to be fun’, change the way you look at life and see the magic!

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